Get our hot tips on how to survive your christmas celebration schedule and why Camminos could be your Christmas helper!

    Can you believe it’s almost that time of year again?! The office Christmas party is booked and you’ve got your family Christmas sorted. But now it’s the miscellaneous and unexpected celebrations that have started pouring into your diary. So now you’re trying to fit everything in before the end of the year. The inevitable ‘let’s catch up before Christmas’ phrase keeps flying out of your mouth and you’re not sure how to stop it! Yet you still find yourself agreeing to catch up with people who you haven’t seen all year. All before Christmas! 

    Don’t worry, we’ve done the same! Just looking at the December calendar makes us want to pour then take a nap! Surviving your Christmas celebration schedule shouldn’t make anyone feel like a summer siesta So, we’ve made a plan and we’re going to share all our tips and tricks to make it through to New Year’s Day. 

    OK here is our guide on ‘How to survive your Christmas celebration schedule’. 

    Now go make yourself a tea and grab a pen. We’re going to get through this together.

    Ready? Let’s go!

    1. Be the planner 

    Should I text or should I wait to hear from them? Maybe they’ve forgotten? Maybe they don’t really want to catch up? Instead of waiting for the other party to make the plans and organise the details, get on the front foot. Choose a location that is close to your work or home, one that is convenient for you, and a day where you’ll be more willing to meet up. This way you have more control over fitting everything in to suit your diary. 

    2. Group catch ups 

    Do you have a mutual friend or know a number of people who would be happy to meet some new people? Then organise a night out with a group of friends who are all on your ‘must catch up with before Christmas’ list and do a group date. This way you can share the load of the socialising and you can ever leave early if everyone is having a good time. 

    3. Pre-drinks 

    Enjoy a quick drink with a mate before you go to another event. This is like speed dating for Christmas catch ups. Have your friend meet you at a bar or cafe before your office Christmas party or school event. Or have series of catch ups scheduled one after the other on one night in one place. This way you’ll kill two birds with one night! 

    4. Support your local 

    This is the busiest time of year for hospitality venues and sharing your social spend with a local joint might be the difference between them having a good Christmas and a great one. Keep your catch ups to a place you want to bring your business and support the local bar and cafe of your choice. That way, with every sip of your champagne, you’ll be giving a family a bit of breathing room over the busy and costly period that is Christmas. 

    5. Shopping trips

    Why not combine your Christmas shopping duties and your Christmas catch up commitments by meeting up with a friend and doing your shopping together! This way you can battle the crowds while chatting about what you’ve been up to and what’s plans for the year ahead. They can even help you on those tough presents or when you just can’t decide. Remember to wear your Cammno’s for ultimate Christmas shopping comfort and style. 

    6. Don’t over commit

    Christmas can be a busy time and most people will understand if you just can’t swing a catch up before Santa and his sleigh hit the town. So, if you already know you are probably not going to be able to meet all your Christmas catch up commitments, then start culling your list by letting people know now. An early opt out and an apologetic message will go a lot further than a last minute cancellation. 

    7. Be Merry

    Well if you’re going to go all in and celebrate often this silly season, you might as well be merry and bright. Get yourself a pair of festive earrings or add a pop of Colour and Sparkle to your feet with a pair of Camminos. Rock a bold pair of red leather ballet flats thanks to Rufina and make all the kids call you Mrs Claus! 

    8. Wear comfortable shoes 

    That reminds us, if you’re going to be running all over town meeting up with friends, colleagues and family members then make sure you do it in comfort and style. Deck yourself out head to toe with cheer and keep your feet feeling fresh with our handmade Italian leather ballet flats. Made in the Le Marche region of Italy, known as the shoe valley, all our styles are made with love and support the slow fashion movement. 

    9. Come bearing gifts

    Ok, this is specifically for those people that you really love and is not an essential part of Christmas catch ups. But taking a homemade gift along or a card that will donate a portion of the profits to a charity is a beautiful gesture and embraces the idea of giving generously. Otherwise, if you’re feeling extra generous you could gift them a pair of Cammino leather ballet flats! It would truly be the best Christmas present!

    Now you are ready to head into December with an action plan and a spring in your step. Tick those Christmas catch ups of your list and enjoy the silly season. Stay safe and send your loved ones lots of cheer this Christmas. We hope you are able to catch up with as many of your friends and family as possible this year. Because that’s what Christmas is all about. If not, there is always the new year! 

    Discover how a pair of Camminos can make your Christmas. Find your perfect pair of ballet flats and drop a hint to get the gift you love. Great for office christmas parties and running from work to the bar, school drop off, a coffee catch up and a weekend barbeque. Our leather ballet flats are so versatile, comfortable and stylish, you can wear them anywhere! Get yours today! 

    At Cammino, we produce all our shoes in small quantities using quality materials. Our artisan shoemakers have generations of experience and hand craft every one of our leather ballet flats. Making Camminos a brand supporting the slow fashion movement. In turn this means every step it takes to make a pair of Camminos is carefully planned from the design to the production. Each step of the process and every step you take in any of our shoes is made with love. 

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    As spring racing carnival gets going for another year get ready to plan your best outfit yet. Simply by adding a pair of Camminos to your race day look. Our handmade Italian leather flats are made with love by artisan shoemakers and are the perfect pairing for a fun-filled day at the track.

    Spring has sprung so we are showing you 9 ways to wear ballet flats this spring! Find out the best ways to get around in a pair of Handmade Italian Leather Ballet Flats. 
    Finally the sun is starting to shine and so is our social lives. Getting out in the beautiful weather with your friends and family wearing your favourite pair of Camminos is the best way to celebrate the new season. 
    Discovering new ways to wear ballet flats this Spring is easy with our great range of colours, sparkles and prints. From our Classic Collection to our Sparkle Collection get the look you love and for more than one occasion with any shoe from our 5 collections and 13 different styles. 
    Add the pop of colour you need to stand out in the crowd or keep it simple with block colours and neutral tones this spring. 
    Heading out into the fresh air knowing your adventures won’t be cut short due to sore feet or the feeling of outfit envy is the ultimate way to kick off your spring celebrations. 
    Find out how we like to wear our Camminos and check out our: 9 ways to wear ballet flats this spring. 

    1. Spring racing carnival

    It’s here again and let’s be honest it’s the year’s best excuse to slip on a floral frock and a comfy pair of flats. Getting those ultimate trackside spots on Race Day often means an early start and a long day. If you’re going to make the most out of a fun filled fashionable day then make sure ballet flats are part of your spring racing carnival wardrobe. Don’t be a ‘heel in the lawn’ kind of girl! Or if you are be sure to make sure you slip your foldable ballet flats into your race day clutch. We’ve made sure versatility and flexibility is built in to each shoe for this exact reason! Go from heels to flats as often as you like and never get caught out with sore, or muddy lawn covered, feet again. 

    2. Sunday session

    From brunch to the pub or a casual get together with friends around the barbie, comfortable stylish flats will make your Sunday session last well into the afternoon. No need to scoot off early because of sore feet or feel obliged to rock a heeled option to match your casual on trend wardrobe. Slide on your Cammino ballet flats and spend your Sundays in the sun with good company and happy feet. Discover the reason our best selling Print Collection is flying off the shelves. 

    3. Colourful adventures 

    Now is the time to pack up all your grey and black clothes and rotate the colour back into your life with a wardrobe recycle. Add some vibrance to your feet with a pair of womens flats from our Colour Collection. There is just something about wearing bright colours that puts a smile on your face and makes a new season adventure so much more enjoyable. Experiment with a splash of colour or bold block pieces to make you really stand out in the crowd. 

    4. Workday walks 

    Grab your colleagues and take a stroll nearby your office at lunch in a pair of Camminos. Make ‘Wednesday Walking Club’ a stylish addition to your week with a pair of womens flats from Cammino. No need to pack your sneakers and ruin your corporate or relaxed work outfit. Keep your foldable flats in your handbag and bring them out for a walking meeting or social stroll at the nearest park or local outdoor delight.
    womens ballet flats
    5. Maxi, midi and mini
    Spring is the season where you can lose your 200 denier tights and add any length skirt without the cold winter winds interrupting your day… and your hemline. For ultimate feminine style that meets all your comfort needs, pair your ladies ballet flats with a skirt or dress. From your ankles to the middle of your thighs, no matter the length of your hemline ladies, a pair of ballet flats are the perfect addition to your shirt or dress combo. Keep your leg line clean and avoid a heavy shoe when wearing any of the maxi, midi or mini cut skirts and dresses in this springs new fashion trends. 
    6. Beach babe
    Lose your thongs and discover a better way to get from the carpark to the sand with a pair of women’s ballet flats from Cammino. Easily slip on your foldable elasticated women’s flats to make your way from the car to the beach and don’t worry about standing on shells or other sharp seaside objects. Keep your feet dry and safe from unwanted scratches by wearing a shoe that is lightweight, flexible and easily fits into your beach bag. 
    7. School holiday fun 
    Running around during the September school holidays can be hard work so be sure to handle the three weeks with your most comfortable and stylish women’s flats. Take your kids to the Zoo, the cinema, a picnic or the local cafe and enjoy being able to swing around in a pair of flat shoes that won’t slow you down. No matter what your school holiday activities involve be sure to have your Camminos ready for fun-filled busy spring holidays. 
    8. Suit up 
    Put your best foot forward in a pair of leather ballet flats and take on anything that gets thrown your way. Long have women’s suits been designed to pair with a heel but thanks to the revival of a wide leg or high waisted pants, there is no better to shoe to pair with either of these styles than ballet flats. Making your leg line look as though it starts a little higher with a pair of waisted pants goes perfectly with a flat shoe. As does the ¾ crop of a wide leg or flared style. Suit up and enjoy walking the walk in a pair of Camminos.
    9. Everything in between
    We may be biased but we believe going through life in a pair of ballet flats makes for the best adventures. Not only do your feet feel amazing but they also look fantastic. Our handmade Italian leather flats are crafted from the softest leather and are perfect for keeping in your bag for any time you need a change of shoes! So you can enjoy commuting, travelling, after-work errands, volunteering your time or relaxing on your day off! From your work life to your social life, family time and everything in between.  Camminos are made for living with the thought that ‘Life’s an adventure, walk it your way’. Feel like a star in a pair of beautifully handcrafted leather flats this spring. Choose from our great range and find your new spring walk. 
    Put some spring in your step and bounce into a new season in comfort and style with Cammino leather ballet flats. Get the latest spring looks just by adding a pair of handmade Italian leather ballet flats to your wardrobe. The best bit is ballet flats are not only a spring fashion staple, but they can also be worn all year round, no matter the season. 
    Check out other ways to wear your Camminos with 14 places to wear ballet flats.
    womens ballet flats

    At Cammino we love having a pair of foldable flats on us at all times. You never know when you might need to slip on a comfortable pair of ballet flats to get you through the day. That’s why we have made our lightweight flats foldable. Keep them in your bag and never be the one to turn down a new adventure or opportunity to walk it your way. Our handmade Italian leather flats are compact and won’t weigh you down, so you can have them with you all the time. From travelling the world to your workday commute. Everyday life admin and social events to the school pick up and everything that comes with parent logistics! Be ready to walk, run or dance your way through the day at any time and for any reason! 

    Here we show you all the ways foldable flats can come in handy and why you should always carry foldable flats. 

    Emergency shoe change 

    It happens to the best of us! There you are having a perfectly normal day and then the next minute, you’re running around town doing an errand for your boss. Or finding yourself doing supermarket power shop because you forgot it was morning tea at kinder tomorrow! No matter how well you manage your time or your pantry sometimes our outfit and your shoe choice doesn’t match your daily to-do list. So you’ve got to be prepared. With a pair of Cammino foldable ballet flats in your bag, it’s so easy. Turn your day into the kind of productivity Beyonce would be proud of. 

    Commuters dream shoe 

    The daily commute can be a stressful time of day and can include running between your car the train, tram or bus can often mean having to add some speed to your step to make that traffic light or express service. You need to be able to get through it without the idea of handing in your resignation letter just so you can avoid this part of the day. But imagine if it were a peaceful time where you could listen to some tunes or a podcast and stand or sit in your favourite pair of comfortable shoes wishing your whole could stay like this? You can before and after your busy workday if you’re wearing a pair of Cammino foldable flats. You can even slip them off and change into your work shoes as soon as your workday starts. Commuters dream shoe found! 

    foldable flats for women

    Rainy day activities 

    You can almost guarantee school sports day or those outdoor after school activities will be scheduled on a rainy day. Which means you're going to have to pack a raincoat and a hat in your kids' school bag to make sure they attempt to stay dry. But, you don’t have to worry about having to put your foldable flats in your bag, because they are already in there. Feel like the most prepared parent at the school with a shoe change after the parents' race or never get caught out running across a wet oval in heels again with your Cammino foldable flats. Keep them in your bag ready to take on any rainy day activity. 

    Walking adventures 

    Ever arrived at brunch to learn you’re actually having an agile social event and that coffee your holding is in a keep cup for a reason! It’s a walking catch up and if you didn’t know this already then next time you be the one to organise the friend date or do your pre-reading Karen! … It was a line item on the agenda! Phew. Lucky you have your foldable flats in your bag for just this kind of thing. Don’t panic. Gently place your keep cup on the coffee shop counter and slip on your Camminos. You might even become the note taker for the agile social event and be the one who wants to keep on going because this was such a great idea, Nicole! Have your foldable flats ready for anything Nicole throws at you. Walking adventures here you come! 

    I challenge you to a ‘Dance Off’

    Hitting the dance floor is one of the most joyful activities you can do for yourself. Ensuring you have a pair of dance shoes on your person isn’t always practical unless they are a pair of handmade Italian foldable ballet flats from Cammino. Our women’s flats are not just dance shoes but real-life shoes you can wear absolutely anywhere. Never be the one to turn down a dance-off ever again with a pair of Cammino’s in your bag. They are ideal for those times when you’re just minding your own business and your friend calls you up and says: ‘I challenge you to a dance-off!’. You’ve got to accept and you don’t have time to find your killer pumps nor do you want to be pulling an all-nighter in those things. You need comfort and flexibility surrounding your toes, so you can stretch out your toes and feel like you’re in a Katy Perry film clip. Dance off challenge accepted! 

    foldable flats for women

    Travel companion 

    If you enjoy travelling, then you’ll know that packing light and being practical about your footwear is a must. No one ever spent the day discovering how Rome wasn’t built in a day wearing uncomfortable shoes. Our ballet flats are made with love using the softest leather and if you enjoy nothing more than finding a new adventure then Camminos will never let you down. Easy to wear with elasticated sides to form to your foot so there is no slipping or blisters and the sock-like fit will move with your foot. This is just the kind of shoe you need to discover; history, culture and the best culinary treats your travel destination has to offer. We promise your Camminos will become your favourite travel companion. 

    Any day and every day 

    Wherever your day takes you, know that when you have a pair of Cammino foldable ballet flats in your bag, you can get through anything. From a workday to a social event on the weekend, getting to and from your school pick-ups or just doing some life admin can always be done wearing our handmade comfortable stylish Italian leather flats! Any day and every day is a foldable ballet flats kind of day! 

    Now you know why you should always carry foldable flats get yourself a pair to have in your bag. We know having a pair of foldable flats in your bag could be the difference between a good day and a great one. So have a pair of Camminos ready for any challenge or unexpected adventure life throws at you. Be prepared, have a fantastic time and never worry about sore feet or inappropriate footwear again. 

    foldable flats for women

    If you have any stories about when your pair of Cammino’s saved the day we’d love to hear them! Get in touch with us today. 

    Check out our Classic Collection for an easy to wear comfortable stylish women’s flats. Or add some glitter to your day with our Sparkle Collection