Here are 11 things you can do while we are given a little bit of indoor time. Keep your kids entertained as well as teaching them to make lemonade out of lemons. 

Craft and puzzle packs for kids

A rainy day activity that never fails to bring out their creativity and ability to make a pipe cleaner into a smile! Puzzles are also one of the best family activities you can do and an easy way for everyone to get involved and if you’re anything like me they can take a long time! 


All the ‘round the house to-dos' that never get done 

There is never a good time to do all those odd jobs around the house and procrastinating around the house is one of my great skills. But sometimes you just have to get it done and tick them off your list. Fixing a broken bathroom cupboard, weeding the garden, cleaning out the insides of your cupboards never felt so good. 


Marie Kondo your pantry or cupboards  

Pull all the clothes out of your cupboard and get the kids to decide what items spark joy! Involve them in the decision making and the reorganising stages as well. You’ll kill two birds with one stone if everyone gets involved! 


Make a DIY shoe rack 

Of course, I love this idea! There are so many ways to jazz up your existing shoe storage or start a brand new one in the size, shape and style of your choice. If you have some old timber and a hammer, you’re already halfway there! 

Also, check out our11 ways to upcycle your Cammino shoebox for more great creative storage ideas. 


Finally, watch every episode ever made of The Golden Girls on Stan 

Don’t be afraid to admit you’re as excited as I am about this! Stan is now showing The Golden Girls and I can’t wait to dive into all that 80’s fashion and comedy that I have been missing for so long!


Virtual wine date with besties 

If your finding you are starting to self isolate and missing the company of friends it's time to lock in a virtual catch-up! Grab yourself a bottle of wine and jump on a Skype call or FaceTime your friends that you just never seem to be able to catch up with. Or even the ones you normally do but are unable to see at the moment. It's times like these we need our gal pals more than ever. 


Discover your inner Donna Hay and cook up a storm!

Imagine you’re the kind of person who actually cooks a Donna Hay recipe and it looks like the photo. Are you getting all tingly inside at the thought of that? I am. Go to Donna Hay’swebsite and find a recipe you would never normally choose and make it. Make them all! You will love yourself once you’re back at work you’ll have a freezer of goodness. 


Start a new hobby /broaden your mind

If there is something you’ve been wanting to start for a while but always found an excuse not to then bite the bullet and get up-skilled. Take up knitting, do an online course, learn a language whatever it is you’ve always wanted to do, do it now and want no more. 


Get fit

Virtual classes are all the rage right now and it’s never been easier to keep fit in your own home. Often you can trial a subscription before you commit, so why not try them all. From yoga and pilates to circuits and high-intensity interval training find one, or many, that you like and suits your fitness goals. 


Create an Instagram page for your pets/hobby

If you love baking or have a cavoodle that really needs the internet to know how cute they are then now is the time to start up an Instagram page! UseCanva to create beautiful professional looking content and have some fun discovering what you can do with the branding and styling options. Also, a great excuse to be dressing up cupcakes and puppies! 


Help out your friends or elderly family 

We all need a little help right now but there are people in our communities that will be more in need than others. Check-in on them, give them a call or a text and simply ask how they are doing. Or if you can offer to drop in some food or supplies, they would appreciate it more than you know. Let’s pay it forward and keep each other positive. 


From all of us at Cammino, we hope you are all staying safe and well and we also encourage you to make the most of this time. If you’re looking for more ways to keep busy and stay positive then you can jump on our website or our socials as we’ll only ever be bringing you good vibes and beautiful looking (and feeling) shoes! 

Be happy, stay safe and as always remember: 

Life’s an adventure, walk it your way. 

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