Get our hot tips on how to survive your christmas celebration schedule and why Camminos could be your Christmas helper!

Can you believe it’s almost that time of year again?! The office Christmas party is booked and you’ve got your family Christmas sorted. But now it’s the miscellaneous and unexpected celebrations that have started pouring into your diary. So now you’re trying to fit everything in before the end of the year. The inevitable ‘let’s catch up before Christmas’ phrase keeps flying out of your mouth and you’re not sure how to stop it! Yet you still find yourself agreeing to catch up with people who you haven’t seen all year. All before Christmas! 

Don’t worry, we’ve done the same! Just looking at the December calendar makes us want to pour then take a nap! Surviving your Christmas celebration schedule shouldn’t make anyone feel like a summer siesta So, we’ve made a plan and we’re going to share all our tips and tricks to make it through to New Year’s Day. 

OK here is our guide on ‘How to survive your Christmas celebration schedule’. 

Now go make yourself a tea and grab a pen. We’re going to get through this together.

Ready? Let’s go!

1. Be the planner 

Should I text or should I wait to hear from them? Maybe they’ve forgotten? Maybe they don’t really want to catch up? Instead of waiting for the other party to make the plans and organise the details, get on the front foot. Choose a location that is close to your work or home, one that is convenient for you, and a day where you’ll be more willing to meet up. This way you have more control over fitting everything in to suit your diary. 

2. Group catch ups 

Do you have a mutual friend or know a number of people who would be happy to meet some new people? Then organise a night out with a group of friends who are all on your ‘must catch up with before Christmas’ list and do a group date. This way you can share the load of the socialising and you can ever leave early if everyone is having a good time. 

3. Pre-drinks 

Enjoy a quick drink with a mate before you go to another event. This is like speed dating for Christmas catch ups. Have your friend meet you at a bar or cafe before your office Christmas party or school event. Or have series of catch ups scheduled one after the other on one night in one place. This way you’ll kill two birds with one night! 

foldable ballet flats
4. Support your local 

This is the busiest time of year for hospitality venues and sharing your social spend with a local joint might be the difference between them having a good Christmas and a great one. Keep your catch ups to a place you want to bring your business and support the local bar and cafe of your choice. That way, with every sip of your champagne, you’ll be giving a family a bit of breathing room over the busy and costly period that is Christmas. 

5. Shopping trips

Why not combine your Christmas shopping duties and your Christmas catch up commitments by meeting up with a friend and doing your shopping together! This way you can battle the crowds while chatting about what you’ve been up to and what’s plans for the year ahead. They can even help you on those tough presents or when you just can’t decide. Remember to wear your Cammno’s for ultimate Christmas shopping comfort and style. 

6. Don’t over commit

Christmas can be a busy time and most people will understand if you just can’t swing a catch up before Santa and his sleigh hit the town. So, if you already know you are probably not going to be able to meet all your Christmas catch up commitments, then start culling your list by letting people know now. An early opt out and an apologetic message will go a lot further than a last minute cancellation. 

7. Be Merry

Well if you’re going to go all in and celebrate often this silly season, you might as well be merry and bright. Get yourself a pair of festive earrings or add a pop ofColourandSparkle to your feet with a pair of Camminos. Rock a bold pair of red leather ballet flats thanks toRufina and make all the kids call you Mrs Claus! 

red ballet flats
8. Wear comfortable shoes 

That reminds us, if you’re going to be running all over town meeting up with friends, colleagues and family members then make sure you do it in comfort and style. Deck yourself out head to toe with cheer and keep your feet feeling fresh with our handmade Italian leather ballet flats. Made in the Le Marche region of Italy, known as the shoe valley, all our styles are made with love and support the slow fashion movement. 

9. Come bearing gifts

Ok, this is specifically for those people that you really love and is not an essential part of Christmas catch ups. But taking a homemade gift along or a card that will donate a portion of the profits to a charity is a beautiful gesture and embraces the idea of giving generously. Otherwise, if you’re feeling extra generous you could gift them a pair of Cammino leather ballet flats! It would truly be the best Christmas present!

foldable leather ballet flats

Now you are ready to head into December with an action plan and a spring in your step. Tick those Christmas catch ups of your list and enjoy the silly season. Stay safe and send your loved ones lots of cheer this Christmas. We hope you are able to catch up with as many of your friends and family as possible this year. Because that’s what Christmas is all about. If not, there is always the new year! 

Discover how a pair of Camminos can make your Christmas. Find your perfect pair of ballet flats and drop a hint to get the gift you love. Great for office christmas parties and running from work to the bar, school drop off, a coffee catch up and a weekend barbeque. Our leather ballet flats are so versatile, comfortable and stylish, you can wear them anywhere! Get yours today! 

At Cammino, we produce all our shoes in small quantities using quality materials. Our artisan shoemakers have generations of experience and hand craft every one of our leather ballet flats. Making Camminos a brand supporting the slow fashion movement. In turn this means every step it takes to make a pair of Camminos is carefully planned from the design to the production. Each step of the process and every step you take in any of our shoes is made with love. 

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