At Cammino, we know that our ballet flats are so versatile you can where them basically anywhere! From your work day to your weekend and everywhere in between flat shoes can be worn with any outfit or location. Finding the perfect pair of ballet flats is the first step and then discovering all the great places to wear ballet flats is the next step in your shoe adventure.

White sneakers are a staple in every fashion-forward person's wardrobe. They are versatile, comfortable, and above all, they go with everything! It doesn't matter if you're dressed up or dressed down, white sneakers can take any outfit to the next level. And when it comes to white sneakers, Cammino is leading the charge in Australia with their stylish and comfortable Women's Sneakers.

Your wedding day is fast approaching, and the excitement of your big day is tangible. The table settings are organised, your dress has been tailored, the RSVP’s are beginning to fill your letterbox.

Your wedding day is going to be etched into your memory forever. Each and every finer detail has been thought about with eagerness and vigour and you are ready to spend your special day with your nearest and dearest, celebrating the love you have found in your significant other.

Looking for the some easy summer outfit ideas to keep you feeling stylish this summer? We’ve got you sorted. Read on.

At Cammino we are all about those beautiful long summer days filled with Aperol Spritz, friends, family and good times. This is the time of the year when we like to take a break, put up our feet and admire our gorgeous COMFORTABLE footwear while we enjoy the good weather and some much-needed downtime. It’s also the time of year when we love trying out new outfits, venues and getting out and about. 

 As Spring Racing Carnival gets going again post pandemic and back to full capacity. It's time to get ready to plan your best outfit yet. And if you're anything like us and can't last the day in heels...then don't! 
Full stop. 
Wear the flats. Don’t look back.
Where can I wear Ballet Flats?
Our women's leather ballet flats are the kind of women’s shoe you can wear absolutely anywhere. We designed our ballet flats to be folded and carried in your handbag so you can slip them on at any moment. Ensuring the classic ballet flat shape was maintained, while also bringing maximum comfort to give you the best possible pair of women's leather ballet flats. All of our ballet flats can be worn during the day or of an evening and will suit both a casual or formal dress code. 
Well... the answer is a big YES.
Leopard print is a timeless fashion print that lasts season after season. From classic-cut dresses to coats or shoes, leopard print fabrics are used year after year to bring a touch of animal print into our wardrobe. As well as being a statement, leopard print is also really versatile and can be paired with many great wardrobe staples. This means you get multiple wears out of your leopard print items and that also means more bang for your buck! 
 At Cammino, we know it's an art to pick the right travelling shoes. That's why our incredibly portable ballet flats for women are ideal for any type of travel and have been designed with these top tips in mind! From a business trip to a long weekend away or a European summer vacation. Cammino’s comfortable ballet flats for women are the perfect travel flat shoes for travel.

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Buying shoes online can be tricky for a number of reasons. Size, quality, style and suitability are hard to determine when a product is listed online. Everyone has had their own online shopping fail and while there is an art to buying products online, we have some tips and tricks on what to look out for when you’re buying shoes online. 

Looking for women's sneakers Australia trends for 2022? We’ve got the best in white sneakers and how to wear this year's must have flat shoe! 

If you have white sneakers on rotation then you’ll be so happy to know that in 2022 the white sneaker trend is hitting the runways and fashion houses all over the world this season!

Looking for the ultimate guide on how to colour match your shoes to your outfit? Discover the best tips and tricks on matching our handmade Italian women's ballet flats and sneakers with your favourite outfits.

Looking for the best ballet flats for women. Find out why ballet flats are the best! 

At Cammino we have long believed that flat shoes for women are the ultimate everyday shoe! We even created a shoe brand that developed the best ballet flats that are not only comfortable but stylish too.