Have you long been looking for the perfect ballet flats? Finding that balance between style comfort and value for money. Do you find yourself spending too much time scrolling through online stores only to end up with 15 potential wish list items, but you’re still no closer to finding the perfect ballet flat?! Well, pour yourself a wine and take seat, because we are about to share with you an easy to follow guide with the 10 things that make a perfect ballet flat.

    Hooray! Pass me the rose’ and let’s get started!

    Learn how to find your next pair of flat shoes by following our guide to 10 things that make the perfect ballet flat

    1. Foldable

    Foldable flat shoes for women are your new best friend. Having the ability to fold your most comfortable pair of flat shoes up and keep in your bag will make your life a whole lot easier. Fold up your ballet flats so you can carry them around with you and you’ll never be caught out running from work to an appointment in uncomfortable footwear ever again. Carry a pair of foldable flats along with your Keep Cup and your new season lipstick and you will be able to tackle anything your day throws at you. A supple sole, both flexible and sturdy can make the perfect ballet flats ready to slip on at any time.

    2. Soft leather

    Using soft leather for flat shoes is the same as having a hot frothy cappuccino - why would you have it any other way?! Soft leather used to produce the perfect ballet flats means supple and high quality shoes that are not only have an increased lifespan but also ensures comfort. The feel of the shoe, especially around your toes, is so important when wearing a pair of ballet flats all day. You can usually gauge the softness of the leather just by looking at how shiny the leather appears. The shinier the leather the harder the feel of the leather.

    3. Elasticised sides

    Don’t be fooled in thinking that elasticated sides will be uncomfortable or ugly. Elastic works with your body to keep a fabric in place, preventing movement or friction over the skin. This not only means the the shoe stays on your foot but becomes the perfect fit and your feet will look the same as a foot models! Flat shoes for women, with elasticised sides are almost sock like in the way they mould to your foot and stay exactly where you want them too. As well as giving you clean lines and comfort for a sleek look.

    4. Made In Italy

    It doesn’t get any better than handmade Italian leather goods. Known for their high quality an expert craftsmanship, Italians love nothing more than passion and beauty. Also, a big bowl of pasta a some beautifully made flat shoes for women! Cobblestone paths are no fun in heels and a well made shoe is just as good as a well made coffee. No wait it’s even better! Italian shoemakers learn their skill through passing down their craft from generation to generation. This age old process builds in a wealth of experience throughout the shoe making process resulting in a pair of perfect ballet flats.

    5. Range of colours

    They say variety is the spice of life and it’s absolutely true when searching for the perfect ballet flats. Finding a colour to match the items in your existing wardrobe or a statement shoe is the key to having endless outfit options. Being able to choose from a range of different colours means the shoemaker has thought about what the consumer wants. Bright colours, classic tones and on trend palettes will fit nicely into anyone’s shoe collection.

    6. Unique colour accents

    If having a range of colours is a must have then adding unique colour accents is the icing on the perfect ballet flats cake! Colour accents in bright colours can take a pair of flat shoes for women from average to stylish, with the simple addition of a trim or stitching details. A colour combo of bright colours or matching tones can give a different feel to the ballet flats and sparks some individuality or that extra something special. Flat shoes for women don’t have to be boring, and adding colour to a simple design is a great way to make the perfect ballet flat.  

    7. Good quality materials

    It’s no surprise that good quality materials go hand in hand with the perfect ballet flats. Not only does the lifespan and the durability increase, but the look and feel is significantly better when using high quality fabrics, stiching and soles. Flat shoes for women made using good quality materials will have been produced after a lot of research. Taking the time to source good quality materials ensures the flats shoes are comfortable, durable and value for money.  

    8. Comfortable

    Comfortable flat shoes for women are not just for nannas and kinder kids! All women should have a pair of comfortable shoes that fit like a glove and are comfortable enough to wear all day, everyday. Finding the balance between comfort and style is found from shoe makers who specialised in a single or very few styles of shoe. Ballet flats should be just as comfortable as spending your life in a pair of slippers. Comfort is king! ...Or should we say Queen!

    9. Versatile

    There is nothing worse than having a fabulous pair of shoes that only go with one outfit. They end up sitting in your wardrobe forever and never getting a swing on the dancefloor or run at the races. A pair of flat shoes that are versatile makes coordinating outfits and your lifestyle a walk in the park. Imagine going from work, to the train, to your kids after school activities all in the one pair of shoes! How good would that be?! A great pair of flats shoes will go with anything from jeans, to a maxi dress and all the corporate alternatives in between.

    10. Stylish

    Staying on trend is almost as hard as to do as sunday life admin or getting your kids into bed! How do you know if you’re committing to a one season wonder or a timeless wardrobe item? Classic silhouettes and timeless pieces are always a good indicator and keep in mind monochrome colours and simplicity will always be in style. Basically, keep it simple and you’ll stay on trend. When you’re buying a pair of ballet flats, stick to a pair of flat shoes for women that you know you can wear season after season and you’ll be stylish.

    So there you go! Now you know the 10 things that make a perfect ballet flat. If only there was a way to easily apply this list as a search filter to every online shoe store..? Well we’ve got good news for you. At Cammino our ballet flats tick all 10 boxes on this list. So you don’t have to worry about adding search filters or spending your work day commute mindlessly scrolling for the perfect pair of ballet flats. We’ve already made them! Head over to Shop Our Collection and get yourself a pair of Camminos where you’ll always find the 10 things that make the perfect ballet flat!


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    Attention to detail, high quality products and expert craftsmanship is what makes Italian fashion among the best in the world. Apart from the lavish and decadent designs, Italian fashion makers are known for their world class craftsmanship. Our Camminos are handcrafted in Italy by expert shoemakers who ensure every shoe is made with love. Our shoemakers only use high quality soft leather and because the skill is passed down to each generation experience is never compromised.
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