At Cammino we’ve married ancient shoe-making tradition with contemporary design to create the ultimate hand made flat leather shoe.

Skilfully crafted by hand in Italy, each shoe is designed to be timeless, classic and to last for years to come.

Camminos are an everyday luxury for busy women all over the globe.

Life is an adventure, walk it your way.

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It’s that time of year again where gift giving is on everyone’s to do list. We love giving presents and since starting Cammino we have worked with some amazing Aussie local brands. Here is our ultimate guide to the best Christmas gifts for 2021 including some of my favourite brands who we've worked with throughout the last 3 years. Happy shopping!
Are you looking to organise your shoe wardrobe? Wishing you had paid attention to the tips and tricks from all those social media videos you’ve been watching? Well good news, we have created an easy to follow guide on organising your shoe wardrobe and we are sharing it with you!
We are often asked at Cammino ‘how to clean leather or suede shoes’ by our loyal customers. Even though we use the highest quality materials and are easy to wear, designs are made to last, we want our shoes to be with you as long as possible. Here is an easy to follow guide on how to clean your leather and suede shoes.