Get your Cammino leather ballet flats out this summer and spend the season in style and comfort. 

If you’ve just heard Olaf sing the words ‘In Summer’ as you read this headline it’s time to turn of Frozen and start planning your summer with the help of Cammino. Getting around and making the most out of the sun is always what you imagine yourself doing once you’ve packed away your winter coat and your thermals. But the reality is, more often than not, once the hot weather hits you avoid doing anything that makes you sweaty and uncomfortable. Running from work to a social event seems so much less appealing if you have to wear heavy or heeled shoes and before you know it your sitting in your air-conditioned lounge room watching re-runs of Friends wishing you were out enjoying the sun. So we’ve got good news in the form of a great pair of ladies flats! Sound good..? Of course, it does! Let’s discover all the great places you can wear ballet flats in summer!

Summer is the best time of year for getting out and at Cammino we want to give you the chance to enjoy all the good bits of the warm weather. The first step is to find your favourite pair of Camminos. From ourClassic Collection to the best sellingPrint Collection. If you love a bit ofColour of a dash ofSparkle then check out which Cammino best suits your personality. Then all you need to do is wear them all Summer long! Read on to discover where to wear ballet flats in summer.


1. Outdoor cinema 

Spend the night under the stars for a long over-due date night or girl’s night out. Be sure to pack a blanket to sit on or wrap around your shoulders and wear a pair of handmade Italian women's ballet flats. With our soft leather flats, you can be sure to take the lead in finding the perfect spot to watch the movie. As well as keeping your feet warm and avoiding dewy grass. Be the most comfortable and stylish outdoor cinema patron with Cammino. 


2. Barbeque Catch Ups

The ultimate summer must-do social get together is a backyard barbeque. From December to February the barbeque season is in full swing and you’ll want to make sure you have a pair of shoes that are comfy enough to last all day and versatile enough to be put on rotation. Made even better with good food, wonderful company and a really good outfit, feel your best in a pair of shoes you love. 


3. Picnics in the Park 

Grab some freshly baked rolls and a ready-made pasta salad while you get together with some of your best girlfriends. Make a summer-themed punch that you can match to a pair of Camminos and feel like you’re in your 20s again. Footloose and fancy-free. Look and feel great in a dress, jeans or linen short then add a splash of colour or keep it simple with any of the styles from ourClassic Collection. Put your best picnic in the park foot forward with our handmade Italian ballet flats. 

womens ballet flats

4. Beach days 

Is it even really summer if you don’t go to the beach? Forget about sandy feet or hitting the hot pavement barefoot with a pair of Cammino women's ballet flats. Easy to slip on and the elasticated sides mean they mould so well to your foot so no sand will end up in the bottom of your shoe. Choose fromColour Collection to create a fresh summer look from the beach to the pub and never worry about having inappropriate footwear again. 


5. Back to work 

The glorious week between Christmas and New Year, when you don’t quite know what day it is, will come to an end. For some of us the thrill of eating leftovers has well and truly worn off and the idea of getting back into a routine is welcomed. Make your return to the workday commute a little more enjoyable by wearing ballet flats. Commute in comfort and style or simply spend your whole workday wearing your favourite pair of Camminos. 

womens ballet flats


6. Summer spritz 

Not only does a summer spritz add a shine to your day but a pair of women's ballet flats from ourSparkle Collection will as well. Pre-cut some orange slices and have them sitting in the freezer ready to pop into your Aperol for equal parts citrus zest and chill factor. Dance your way from the kitchen to your outdoor setting (avoiding the toddler’s ride on) with a pair of Camminos on your feet and a summer spritz in your hands. 


7. Food festivals 

Discovering new tastes and pairing them with the perfect location is one of the most common summer events. There is always a new festival popping up which means there are endless feasts ready to land in your summer calendar. Wear your Cammino all day and spend as long as you like there without the burdon of achey feet. This way you can try as many options as possible and you’ll get better value for money on the entry fee. Don’t go home early and miss out on trying, what could be, your new favourite food.


8. Wine tours 

Jump on a bus and take a tour of your local wine region this summer. Make your way around a couple of vineyards and off and on the bus without thinking about sore feet, dusty roads or cobblestone flooring. Our handmade leather women's ballet flats come from the Le Marche region of Italy and are made with lots of Italian love. Which is well suited to discovering new romance, wines and cheese! 


9. Brunch dates 

Brunch is a basic everyday kind of activity made better with an outdoor seating option and a summer menu that will make your tastebuds sing. Go from your house to a cafe in style and comfort with our beautiful soft leather ballet flats. At Cammino, we love spending our time enjoying our efforts over some poached eggs and maybe a mimosa or two in the summer.  

womens ballet flats - Cammino


Wherever you’re summer calendar takes you to know that wearing a pair of Cammino ballet flats will allow you to feel relieved that you are wearing comfortable shoes! No one wants to leave the barbeque early or compromise on stylish footwear just because the weather is warmer. We are here to make sure you always get to where you need to go to a great pair of shoes that never get in the way of finding a new journey. 

Life’s an adventure, walk it your way!

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Discover your new favourite pair of Cammino women's ballet flats today and be sure to preorder ourNew Arrivals landing in February 2020. 

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