Spring has sprung so we are showing you 9 ways to wear ballet flats this spring! Find out the best ways to get around in a pair of Handmade Italian Leather Ballet Flats. 
Finally the sun is starting to shine and so is our social lives. Getting out in the beautiful weather with your friends and family wearing your favourite pair of Camminos is the best way to celebrate the new season. 
Discovering new ways to wear ballet flats this Spring is easy with our great range of colours, sparkles and prints. From ourClassic Collection to ourSparkle Collection get the look you love and for more than one occasion with any shoe from our 5 collections and 13 different styles. 
Add the pop of colour you need to stand out in the crowd or keep it simple with block colours and neutral tones this spring. 
Heading out into the fresh air knowing your adventures won’t be cut short due to sore feet or the feeling of outfit envy is the ultimate way to kick off your spring celebrations. 
Find out how we like to wear our Camminos and check out our: 9 ways to wear ballet flats this spring. 
1. Spring racing carnival
It’s here again and let’s be honest it’s the year’s best excuse to slip on a floral frock and a comfy pair of flats. Getting those ultimate trackside spots on Race Day often means an early start and a long day. If you’re going to make the most out of a fun filled fashionable day then make sure ballet flats are part of your spring racing carnival wardrobe. Don’t be a ‘heel in the lawn’ kind of girl! Or if you are be sure to make sure you slip your foldable ballet flats into your race day clutch. We’ve made sure versatility and flexibility is built in to each shoe for this exact reason! Go from heels to flats as often as you like and never get caught out with sore, or muddy lawn covered, feet again. 
2. Sunday session
From brunch to the pub or a casual get together with friends around the barbie, comfortable stylish flats will make your Sunday session last well into the afternoon. No need to scoot off early because of sore feet or feel obliged to rock a heeled option to match your casual on trend wardrobe. Slide on your Cammino ballet flats and spend your Sundays in the sun with good company and happy feet. Discover the reason our best sellingPrint Collection is flying off the shelves. 
3. Colourful adventures 
Now is the time to pack up all your grey and black clothes and rotate the colour back into your life with a wardrobe recycle. Add some vibrance to your feet with a pair of womens flats from ourColour Collection. There is just something about wearing bright colours that puts a smile on your face and makes a new season adventure so much more enjoyable. Experiment with a splash of colour or bold block pieces to make you really stand out in the crowd. 
4. Workday walks 
Grab your colleagues and take a stroll nearby your office at lunch in a pair of Camminos. Make ‘Wednesday Walking Club’ a stylish addition to your week with a pair of womens flats from Cammino. No need to pack your sneakers and ruin your corporate or relaxed work outfit. Keep your foldable flats in your handbag and bring them out for a walking meeting or social stroll at the nearest park or local outdoor delight.
womens ballet flats
5. Maxi, midi and mini
Spring is the season where you can lose your 200 denier tights and add any length skirt without the cold winter winds interrupting your day… and your hemline. For ultimate feminine style that meets all your comfort needs, pair your ladies ballet flats with a skirt or dress. From your ankles to the middle of your thighs, no matter the length of your hemline ladies, a pair of ballet flats are the perfect addition to your shirt or dress combo. Keep your leg line clean and avoid a heavy shoe when wearing any of the maxi, midi or mini cut skirts and dresses in this springs new fashion trends. 
6. Beach babe
Lose your thongs and discover a better way to get from the carpark to the sand with a pair of women’s ballet flats from Cammino. Easily slip on your foldable elasticated women’s flats to make your way from the car to the beach and don’t worry about standing on shells or other sharp seaside objects. Keep your feet dry and safe from unwanted scratches by wearing a shoe that is lightweight, flexible and easily fits into your beach bag. 
7. School holiday fun 
Running around during the September school holidays can be hard work so be sure to handle the three weeks with your most comfortable and stylish women’s flats. Take your kids to the Zoo, the cinema, a picnic or the local cafe and enjoy being able to swing around in a pair of flat shoes that won’t slow you down. No matter what your school holiday activities involve be sure to have your Camminos ready for fun-filled busy spring holidays. 
8. Suit up 
Put your best foot forward in a pair of leather ballet flats and take on anything that gets thrown your way. Long have women’s suits been designed to pair with a heel but thanks to the revival of a wide leg or high waisted pants, there is no better to shoe to pair with either of these styles than ballet flats. Making your leg line look as though it starts a little higher with a pair of waisted pants goes perfectly with a flat shoe. As does the ¾ crop of a wide leg or flared style. Suit up and enjoy walking the walk in a pair of Camminos.
9. Everything in between
We may be biased but we believe going through life in a pair of ballet flats makes for the best adventures. Not only do your feet feel amazing but they also look fantastic. Our handmade Italian leather flats are crafted from the softest leather and are perfect for keeping in your bag for any time you need a change of shoes! So you can enjoy commuting, travelling, after-work errands, volunteering your time or relaxing on your day off! From your work life to your social life, family time and everything in between.  Camminos are made for living with the thought that ‘Life’s an adventure, walk it your way’. Feel like a star in a pair of beautifully handcrafted leather flats this spring. Choose from our great range and find your new spring walk. 
Put some spring in your step and bounce into a new season in comfort and style with Cammino leather ballet flats. Get the latest spring looks just by adding a pair of handmade Italian leather ballet flats to your wardrobe. The best bit is ballet flats are not only a spring fashion staple, but they can also be worn all year round, no matter the season. 
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womens ballet flats