At Cammino we love that our ballet flats are not just stylish and comfortable but that we support the slow fashion movement. Slow fashion is all about allowing a better way of getting fashion to your doorstep without the mass-produced quantities, unfair labour demands or port quality products. It’s about ensuring a thorough process is maintained from material sourcing to labour conditions and the impact on our environment. For Cammino this means we take our time to create beautiful shoes using artisan techniques from expert shoemakers. Our handmade leather ballet flats are made with love and use the softest leather to ensure you receive the best ballet flats. We keep low quantities of stock so as not to over manufacture or cause unnecessary waste. For us, our beautiful ballet flats are so much more than just another pair of shoes. They are an earth conscious adventure vessel!  

Being a part of the slow fashion movement also means encouraging our wearer to get the most out of their leather ballet flats by finding new uses for the shoebox your Camminos arrive in. Discover new ways to repurpose the box (or check out the ones we’ve listed below). You’ll love how the square shape and smaller size is extra special as well as convenient, allowing the shoebox to fit into so many spaces with more than enough uses. 

Here are 11 ways to upcycle you Cammino shoebox. 

1. Recharge station 

Make your home desk as organised and tidy as possible by creating a shoebox recharge station. Keep all your chargers and cords in a perfectly untangled space. Start by cutting slots in the side of the box and then seal the edges with some brass box labels to finish. Place the cord through the slit and then plug into a socket panel. Hide the socket panel inside the box for the ultimate tidy desk recharge station.

2. Decorative wall shelves

Bring some colour and functionality to your walls with a lightweight easy-to-hang shelf. Decorate the box any way you like before attaching to your wall using a removable velcros strip. Add ornaments, books or your jewellery to the box as a feature in your bedroom or living space.  

3. Kids creative 

Our small square sized shoebox is perfect for a kids craft project or a rainy day activity. Kids love the smaller size as it’s great for their little hands to work with. Provide some extra fun decorations such as paint, glitter, stickers, pipe cleaners and even some good old dry pasta. 

upcycled shoebox


4. Desk organiser 

Stationary, important documents and that nasty mail you’d just rather not see, can all be stored in a nice, neat and newly bought Cammino shoebox. Keep the clean crisp white of the box or add a label on the lid for was of locating documents. Add some filling tabs to keep items in their right category and level of importance. 

5. Ribbons and wrapping 

Do you find yourself buying new wrapping and ribbons for every birthday, Christmas or gift-giving event? Us too. By using your Cammino shoe box as a gift wrap organiser you can keep everything together including paper, ribbon, sticky tape and scissors. Place a thin tube along the middle of the box to hang rolls of ribbon from and add a cardboard divider to store the scissors and sticky tape. This way you know where everything is and you will spend a lot less time and money buying gift wrap every time you have a present giving occasion. 

6. Chalkboard 

Create a blackboard sign by upcycling your Cammino ballet flats shoebox. Simply paint the base and the lid with blackboard paint. Leave to dry and then use either piece as a notice board, sign. Use this as your weekly shopping list, or where you write friendly reminders. Add different colour chalk or use stencils to make your chalkboard shoebox sign sing. 

7. Storage 

Instead of buying a new basket to store your miscellaneous items, upcycle your Cammino shoebox to create a perfectly styled storage holder. Match your interior style using leftover fabrics or trimmings from an existing project or use some of your old homewares such as old cushion covers or curtain fabric to cover the boxes. 

upcycled shoebox


8. Sock drawers

Marie Kondo-ers will know all about having your clothes and belongings neatly organised inside your organised space. This includes your clothes drawers and any other drawers where you have a category of items with subcategories. Like your underwear! Depending on how deep your draw is, use either the lid or the base as dividers and then fill with only one subcategory items such as your socks. Separating your socks from your underwear will honestly make you feel like you have your life under control!


9. Seedlings 

Not only are seedlings a great way to grow your veggies and herbs, but it’s also a great way to teach your kids (and yourself) about the importance of sustainability. Once you've planted and picked the herbs or veggies continue to have the plant grow or top up your garden with the remaining seedlings kept in your upcycle shoebox. From alphabetical order to your favourites use sleeves to hold and label your seedlings for replanting at any time. 

10. Filling 

Make tax time a breeze with filing tabs and inserts to keep a month by month breakdown of receipts and paperwork. Cut manilla folders to size and add name tabs to the top of the sleeve and easily fuel from dates to categories. Find your ballet flats upcycled shoebox dream in the form of a filing system that is both practical and useful. If you’re feeling creative colour coding each folder or use contact paper to cover the outside of each sleeve. 

11. Sewing kit 

Keep your thread and spare buttons in a neatly organised shoe box and avoid having to fight your way through a tangle of cotton and needles. Create a rainbow of different coloured reels by sliding each down a thin piece of wire placed across the inside of the box. Or organise your needless in order of size just by laying a small piece of Blu tack on the bottom of the box. This way you’ll easily see which size needle you’re after and you’ll never have the problem of losing them in a haystack! 

Create your own upcycled shoebox with our great sized good quality shoebox with Cammino handmade leather shoes. We know you love wearing the best ballet flats and making a difference when it comes to doing good stuff for the planet. Repurposing packaging is one of the great ways to make the most out of your purchases and support the slow fashion movement. 

Discover your own eco-friendly upcycled shoebox purpose. It’s slow fashion meets creative goodness and we can’t wait to see what other uses you come up with for your Cammino shoe box. Let us know what you create!Contact us now. 

Now is the time to purchase a pair of Cammino leather ballet flats and discover more ways to create an upcycled shoe box as well as wearing the best ballet flats. ShopOur Collectiontoday!