Did you know all our shoes are literally made by hand in Northern Italy by traditional shoemakers? We often get asked about the Cammino manufacturing process, so we thought we’d take you on a trip to Italy to find out how our shoes are made. 

Camminos are handcrafted in the La Marche region of Italy, known as the Shoe Valley or as they say in Italian: ‘la Valle della Scarpa’. The town of Fermo is where all Camminos are made by 3rd generation shoemakers. This ensures all our shoes are made using the highest standard of shoe-making techniques. Our shoemakers are trained throughout their lives to be experts at their craft. This enables them to produce superior quality which supply some of the world's leading shoe brands.

At Cammino, every pair of our women's ballet flats are born in Italy.

Meet our shoemakers

At the beginning of the Cammino journey, Katrina was looking into product and brand development and met a beautiful woman named Rosa. An Italian herself, Rosa had a connection to an Italian shoe manufacturer and introduced Katrina to her nephew - a shoemaker in Italy. The rest, they say, is history. Since that day Cammino manufacturers, all their shoes in an Italian shoemaking facility and Rosa is still part of the process. Joining Cammino on all the communications between Katrina and her nephew as the interpreter. Without the connection to Rosa, the Cammino journey could have gone in a completely different direction. But this chance meeting was a step in the right direction and meant Katrina would find the perfect shoemakers for her brand. As well as finding the start of her journey to making the key to Cammino's success in the Italian craftsmanship.

What makes Italian craftsmanship so good? 

It’s no surprise that some of the world’s best fashion labels are born in Italy. With their passion for detail and extravagant aesthetic, the Italian way of life is all about decadence and love. Italian fashion houses and manufacturers are considered among the world’s best due to their superior methods and high-quality product standards. The ‘Made in Italy’ stamp is a symbol of certification that a product is made entirely in Italy and helps manufacturers stand out from big brands with complex supply chains. It is a reassurance that the product is made entirely in Italy. As well as signifying status and luxury.


Fair workplace standards 

This includes fair pay, a safe workplace and of course reasonable production numbers. At Cammino, we support theslow fashion movement and pride ourselves on being able to contribute to the enrichment of a shoemakers life. Not only by supporting them in terms of business but also their passion for creating quality shoes using age-old techniques to produce in small quantities. 

Rather than overproduce the number of shoes and lead to wastage, each collection is created in small numbers. This is also important for producing each shoe in line with their fair work standards. From the design to the manufacturing, Cammino is committed to bringing its customers a quality handcrafted shoe made with love and that good old Italian craftsmanship that is passed down through the family, with each generation, and into their craft. 

See why people love Camminos handcrafted leather shoes with ourTop 5 Reasons to choose shoemaking in Italy 

1. Quality craftsmanship 

Without the commitment of our shoemakers, Cammino wouldn’t be able to produce the highest quality products. Our 3rd generation shoemakers ensure the technique and experience is built into every single pair of shoes that makes its way into a Cammino box. Each pair is made from hand-cut leather and sewn by hand by the shoemaker. On average, each shoemaker can produce 22 pairs per day. Knowing that there is already years of history crammed into every step means we are giving you, the customer, the best quality shoe. We love the attention to detail and perfection our shoemakers demand every day. 


2. Best materials 

At Cammino, we know that using quality materials is one of the most important stages of our shoemaking process. All the soft calf leather and suedes used for our women's ballet flats are sourced from specialist suppliers and used along with high quality elastic and rubber soles. Each piece of luxury material is carefully selected by our shoemakers to ensure minimal waste and we use age-old shoe-making techniques to produce a shoe of lasting quality. 


3. Designed in Melbourne 

While our shoes are handmade in Italy our shoes are designed right here in Melbourne. Cammino owner and founder Katrina brings together the Italian craftsmanship and a fresh modern design at our Melbourne headquarters. While the designing part is often the most time consuming, it is also considered the fun bit! Hours upon hours are spent pouring over the huge selections of luxury leathers in bold prints and sparkly metallic details to choose combinations of colours that are unique and designed to bring joy.


4. Function and fashion 

Australian designerKatrina Versosaw the need for a pair of shoes that would suit her busy lifestyle. A self-confessed ballet flat lover herself, Katrina understood that there was a way to combine function and fashion to create a foldable flat that could fit in your bag but be worn in its own right throughout the day. When Katrina realised she wasn’t the only one needing this kind of shoe in her life she knew that she had to make her own shoe line. So Cammino was born and a practical stylish ballet flat was no longer just an idea. And of course, under the tagline of Handmade Italian Flats, there were always plans to broaden the Cammino offering to give other alternatives to women needing flats. At Cammino we are proud to give women permission to ditch the heels and wear flats with style every day! 


5. Made for you! 

Cammino was born through the need for a shoe that was both stylish and comfortable. A shoe that could be worn every day no matter what you were doing or where you were going. Camminos are made for taking on the day and not letting sore feet slow you down. Designing shoes for not only the busy woman but a stylish one, was all Katrina set out to do. But who wouldn’t love waking up every day to a closet full of ballet flats handmade in Italy?! It’s just one of the perks of owning a successful shoe brand. 

Finding the perfect colour combinations and creating beautiful designs for a much-loved shoe is a journey Katrina embarked upon in 2017. Starting with a women's foldable ballet flat range and establishing many different top-selling designs led. Being able to rely on the quality craftsmanship of her Italian shoemakers means Katrina can focus her energy on creating new designs and developing products. 

Working in partnership with a family of shoemakers with a shared mission of creating perfect flat shoes is what led this Australian brand to huge success. Without the commitment of the manufacturer and the artisan methods that are passed down from generation to generation, Cammino would not be the creative stylish shoe label it is today. So we say ‘Thank You’ to the shoemakers in Fermo who bring together their skills and passion every day and make all the beautiful shoes from Cammino! 

The sneaker range will launch at the end of October with first access given to our VIP list. So be sure toclick here to subscribe if you haven't already. You will also go in the draw to win a pair! 

Check ourBallet flat collection to discover for yourself the beautiful Italian shoemaking! 

Be comfortable and stylish every day and as always remember: 

Life’s an adventure, walk it your way.