Cammino Handmade Italian Leather Flats - Meet the Designer


Welcome to Cammino Shoes

Meet the founder and designer Katrina ...

Let’s Get Personal!

Katrina has always been, a fashion aficionado and dopamine dresser when it came to shoes (an obvious necessity!) But she no longer wanted to sacrifice comfort for fashion and that's how Cammino was born.

Before starting the label, Katrina, worked in a busy corporate role in Melbourne’s CBD and was surrounded by friends and colleagues with equally busy lives with one thing in common, they soldiered through the day in great looking shoes that failed to meet the basic comfort criteria over-and-over again.

She thought “Really? Are women doomed to living with shoes that dig into their heels, cause blisters, don’t breathe and fall apart after one season.

Well, NO! Ultimately, we deserve better, and our feet deserve the most comfortable and colourful pair of leather flats a woman could ever own!

So, whilst on maternity leave with her first bub, she started sketching some rough designs and began her search to find an Italian artisan to help bring the Cammino vision to life whilst celebrating the art of quality luxury handcrafted shoes that are BUILT TO LAST. 

It was through pure serendipity that she met Rosa in Melbourne who was married to a shoe-maker in Italy. She connected Katrina with her husband and nephew via a translated skype call and this is how her working partnership with 3rd generation shoemaker the Petrinis began. And in 2017 they got to work producing her first collection. 

And voila! Cammino was Born!

From Cammino’s Melbourne office, Katrina designs ballet flats and sneakers to bring joy and offer a destination for women who love colour and comfort and want stylish wardrobe choices that have a broad range and unique colours, prints, shimmer, and shine.

(Designing around the juggle of home-schooling during  Melbourne’s Lockdown in 2021)

Cammino’s ballet flats have soft elasticised sides that mould to your feet for immediate comfort, along with a carry bag, so you can travel or slip into something more comfortable after work taking you from day to play.

Our focus is to continue to be the leading Australian luxury comfort brand for leather ballet flatsand sneakers, made by women for discerning busy women around the globe.