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Comfort is key when it comes to footwear and no shoe has that featured higher on the must-have checklist than sneakers! But finding which women's sneakers are the most comfortable is the question we all want the answer to! Soft leather, flexible soles and the perfect fit is the key to making a comfortable sneaker, and combining all those comfort factors with a beautiful unique design is what our women's sneaker collection is all about! Fun prints and colourful details make our sneakers stylish as well as easy to wear. 

Great for a casual weekend event or for a more relaxed work outfit and for all the other times you’ve been walking around in a pair of shoes that are uncomfortable! Any shoe lover knows that compromising on style is the last thing you want to do when it comes to a stylish footwear choice. But with Cammino, you’ll never have this problem. We are all about comfort and style! So finding the most comfortable pair of sneakers is just one step away. 

How do I choose which women's sneakers are best? 

With so many brands and designs of women's sneakers in Australia, choosing the right pair can be time-consuming and confusing. Finding the pair that is right for you, means having comfort at the top of your list. Make sure you consider where you will wear your sneakers and your existing wardrobe. That way you can choose a sneaker that becomes a fashion staple and before long you’ll be wearing them everywhere!

There is a range of different features that make up a really wearable shoe. From the ‘give’ in the leather to the positioning of the tongue and laces, as well as how spongy the soles of the sneaker are. At Cammino, when it comes to the shoe design process we prioritise the comfort of a shoe as well as the aesthetic. This means that every shoe we create is guaranteed to be a shoe that you can wear all day and will also become your go-to pair of comfortable shoes for any occasion. 

From work to weekend and everything in between, our new range of Cammino sneakers is a great choice when it comes to women's sneakers. Not only are our sneakers comfortable, but they are 100% Australian owned and designed in Melbourne. 

Choose Cammino 

At Cammino, we truly believe that good shoes should be both comfortable and stylish, and they can be. Our sneakers are the best combination of fine Italian craftsmanship, high-quality materials and fresh designs. We have included bright colours, fun prints and some shiny metallics to brighten your mood or outfit. All brought together with a white base to contrast colours and textures of the leather pop.

Bringing together all of Cammino’s key design features into a sneaker is why our newest range of women's flats has hit the ground running! Drawing inspiration from our ballet flats collection, we made sure all the comfort of our foldable women's flats were rolled into our sneakers! To make sure we keep our promise of making comfortable stylish women's shoes while still providing the wearer with a unique, beautifully handcrafted women's sneaker. 

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So, which women’s sneakers are the most comfortable? 

If you like our ballet flats, then you’ll love our sneakers. As we said, we built in all the things you love about our ballet flats into our sneakers collection and that includes comfort. Combining handcrafted shoemaking, quality materials and a great design means stylish and easy to wear sneaker with all of your favourite comfort features. 

Here are the top three comfort features of our women’s sneakers collection: 

Softest leather and suede 

Using the softest leather and suede is a great start in making our sneakers long-lasting and comfortable. But not only is the leather and suede important but the other materials used in making each shoe. From the sole to the thread and even the shoelace holes! Making sure we use quality materials together impacts how comfortable the shoe is as a whole. This way all the materials work together and improve the quality and life span of the sneakers. At Cammino, we make sure that all the products come together to produce a really high-quality comfortable shoe that is also good to look at! 

Hand cut and sewn  

Every pair of Camminos is hand-cut and sewn by artisan Italian shoemakers. With only 22 pairs produced each day, our shoemakers ensure their quality craftsmanship is moulded into every shoe. Ourdesign ethos supports the slow fashion movement. This helps us to work towards protecting the environment and our shoemakers. Low quantity orders mean our stock levels are minimal but our shoe quality is high, which in turns reduces the amount of waste produced and improves the shoemakers quality of life with ensuring fair workplace standards also. 

Artisan craftsmanship 

Our third-generation shoemakers use traditional methods to create a beautiful sneaker that you will love to wear. The shoemaking process used by our shoemakers has been passed down through the generations making this a tried and tested method ans results in all our shoemakers producing gorgeous handcrafted women's sneakers. Italy is well known for it’s beautiful high fashion and attention to detail when it comes to handmade clothing and accessories. That’s why at Cammino, we chose to have our shoes handcrafted by expert shoemakers in the town of Fermo, a region of Italy known as the Shoe Valley. 

womens sneakers

Get a pair of women's sneakers today! 

Our newly launched sneaker collection is handmade in Italy and designed in Melbourne. Choose one of our five different styles, including colourful details and unique prints. Comfortably stylish and Australian owned, Cammino was born out of the need for practical shoes for women. From your work-day to the weekend, Camminos let you get on with your day without the hassle of sore feet or inappropriate footwear. Discover for yourself, why we believe our customers are stepping into the most comfortable of women's sneakers every day. 

As well as aSneaker Collection, we also have our best sellingBallet Flats Collection. Discover your favourite with 20 styles in a range of different colours and patterns. Our foldable flats are perfect for keeping your bag for those times you need a quick shoe change on the go. Flexible soles, elasticated sides and the softest leather mean our ballet flats for women are ideal for anyone on the go who loves a beautiful shoe without compromising on comfort. 

Discover which women's sneakers are the most comfortable yourself and get a pair of Cammino women's sneakers today! Find out more about Cammino and how we got started on our journey to makingAustralia’s most comfortable women's sneaker!