We might be a little bit biased over at Cammino but we believe ballet flats are always in style! They are the classic wardrobe staple that you’ll find yourself going back to year after year. But in 2019 ballet flats are more in style than ever and it’s just not us who thinks that. Every fashion mag and online blogger is rocking a pair of ballet flats with a variety of fashion trends from this seasons range. Check out some of our favourite influencers wearing their Camminos:






We have found the top 10 reasons ballet flats are in style 2019 and we are sharing them with you! Find out the best style trends of 2019 and ways to incorporate flat shoes for women into your new and existing wardrobe! You’re Welcome!

10 reasons ballet flats are in style 2019

1. Slow Fashion

There is nothing more on trend in 2019 than climate change and the effect sustainable living is having on our lives. Woah - heavy opener we know! But at Cammino we are passionate about slow fashion, sourcing good quality materials and not mass producing our shoes! By maintaining the art of the shoemaking we can ensure the shoe makers have a comfortable working environment with fair treatment. Style trends are not just about how you look but also the impact a fashion item can have on your image and reputation. Learn about the slow fashion movement and how it affects you to increase your style and your street cred.

Read more about Cammino and our commitment toCelebrating Slow Fashion.


2. Hippie Modernism

Boho sheike is not just for residents of Byron Bay or an airport outfit that you are likely never to wear again. In 2019 boho style has stepped it up a notch and is moving more into a modern space. This means geometric prints, strong baroque jewellery and lots and lots of crochet. Fringe and tassels are still around but are slightly less featured. Keeping it on trend by pairing this look with a simple ballet flat is key to pulling of the modern hippie look.



Leopard print, snake print, zebra print and any other kind of safari animal print you can think of is heading down the runway and onto the best online shopping sites this season. At Cammino we are very excited to see our Print Collection flying off the shelves because someone at Vogue decided animal print is thing! We hate to tell them it’s always a thing, but you should get it while it’s hot! Check out our Print Collection right now, to snag yourself one of the top 2019 style trends.


leopard print ballet flats

4. Feathers

The thought of feathers might make you cringe or trigger flashbacks of a Charleston themed fancy dress party gone wrong, but we are here to tell you they are back! Yes, feathers darling! Get an ultra feminine look with the softness of the feather matched with a block coloured accessory or your choice of ballet flats. Keeping the 1920’s style with a touch of modern edge means Mary Janes are out and flat shoes for women are in. Thank you to the gender equality fashion gods!


5. Colour Wheel Tailoring

Bold brights shades as well as pastels make up the colour pallete for the 2019 power suit movement. Pants, skirts, twin sets and three piece suits are making their way through corporate offices and we have to admit we are not mad about it. Why have we not been making our way through a busy work day in a flat shoe for years?! When the women of the business world are making deals and leading the future they know a ballet flat is always the better option. So the ankle length hemline is in and the bottom of your pants are no longer dragging on the ground. Pencil skirts have become best friends with flat shoes for women with a more flattering waist height. Best of all the bright block colours make the big impact so there is no need to over accessorize. Find a shoes that matches the colour wheel theme with ourColour Collection.


6. Slouch trousers

Slouch trousers are usually high waisted and long in the crotch so unless you are able to rock a sky high stiletto all day long grab your ballet flats! Slouch trousers love a clean Opt for a softer look that gives the leg of the pant a soft finish that is not overlooked by a chunky boot or heel. Womens flats let the slouch trouser be the hero and never take away from the tailored yet relaxed look of this hot 2019 style trend.


7. Hair bows and scarves

Hair bows and scarves are not just for little girls of secretaries from Mad Men. Lush velvet and satin fabrics are making there way to ponytails and headbands complimenting and exaggerating a feminine power look that goes from the office, to a casual coffee date or dinner and a movie. 2019 is all about the balance between femininity and practicality so hair bows and scarves as well as flat shoes for women are meeting up and making our style guide one we want to keep around for a few more seasons. Comfort and soft female accents could you please stay forever?


8. Handmade in Italy  

No one does style like the Italians and good quality shoes, handmade with love, maintain a timeless look simply by using a traditional shoemaking method. Shoemakers from the Le Marche region, on the east coast of Italy, are known for their flawless craftsmanship using techniques handed down from generation to generation. These tried and tested methods are used by the best shoe brands in the world who, every year, lead the style trends. Camminos are born in Melbourne but handmade in Italy so we on the front foot (pardon the pun) when it comes to style and classic footwear trends. Discover more about how Camminos are handmade in Italy withOur Story.


9. Mini hem lines

Don’t be afraid of a mini hemline with a pair of flat shoes for women! Any body shape can get away with a mini hem line if they pair this look with a ballet flat. The best thing about a mini hemline is it can be worn in so many different styles - shift dress, pencil skirt, swing skirt, tutu the list goes on and adding a ballet flat to this look is so much more flattering than any other shoe. Mini hem lines and womens flats are the perfect 2019 style match.

foldable leather ballet flats


10. Comfort

Well of course we were going to mention this! We think comfort is always in style, but in 2019 the modern woman is coming for you and that means getting stuff done in your colour block power suit and your handmade Italian ballet flats! Whether that means carrying a pair of foldable flats in your bag, to slip on when your in between meetings, picking up the kids or running around on the weekends. Cammino womens flats are made from soft leather and good quality soles which are lightweight and super comfy.


We hope you find your favourite trends this season by using our top 10 reasons ballets flats are in style 2019.

Pair your Camminos with any of the above 2019 style trends and remember that a classic ballet flat is always in style. Shop ourClassic Collection or go for something a little different check out ourSparkle Collection.