Flat shoes are a woman's best friend. Easy to wear and great for a busy workday, social catch up or a casual weekend occasion. When it comes to practical and functional footwear flat shoes are hard to beat! 

Ballet flats are a classic women's shoe style that is always, on-trend, perfect for any occasion and best of all comfortable. Loafers are another women's flat shoe alternative and are a fun and stylish way to brighten up any outfit. Made from all kinds of fabrics and include trimmings and embellishments for the season's style. Loafers have made a comeback in the last few seasons thanks to the Italian fashion houses who have revived these much loved comfortable women's shoes. Worn traditionally by conservative women (such as Queen Elizabeth) loafers and ballet flats are worn by busy women all over the world. Never let your footwear choice slow you down and stay on-trend. 

Ballet flats and loafers are both stylish and comfortable and you can always find both on the best of the season footwear lists. So what’s better? A classic ballet flat or the women's loafer? We find out what makes each shoe great and solve the mystery behind ballet flats vs loafers debate. 


In the last few years, loafers have made a comeback. Keeping with the classic shape of a loafer the conservative style has been replaced with on-trend colours and fabrics to match a feminine fun everyday style. Loafers are traditionally worn by old men and have been a comfortable no socks option for men fashion trends for the last few years. Recently loafers have been transformed bringing more feminine touches to a traditionally stuffy look. Comfort is key to flat shoes but loafers are often tight around the ball of the foot and a new pair can cause blisters for people with wide feet. Pinching on the front of the foot can also be the result of stitching on the front of the loafer. 

Here are the pros and con of loafers:

  • Pros 
        • Matches an edgy style 
        • Fun and stylish embellishments 
  • Cons 
      • Less flexibility in the sole of the shoe
      • Often need to wear in new loafers (blisters are common - ouch!) 
      • Old man vibes 
    foldable ballet flats for women

    Ballet flats 

    As we know ballet flats are the ultimate comfort shoe for the everyday woman. The comfort element lets you slip on a ballet flat and get moving with your day without having to worry about sore feet or inappropriate footwear. Ballet flats can be styled with pants, dressed, skirts or jeans and you can wear them to absolutely any occasion. 

    Here are the pros and cons of ballet flats: 

  • Pros
      • Flexible toe and sole
      • Versatile - matches any outfit 
      • Feminine and fun colours and prints
      • Always on trend 
    • Cons 
      • Every woman has a pair of ballet flats!

    …Or they should!

    The winner is…  

    Our winner out of the Ballet flats Vs Loafers race is Ballet flats. Due to their timeless look and feminine shape, ballet flats are the ultimate women shoe for practicality and style. Having less flexibility in the shoe sole and toe means loafers have less instant comfort. Ballet flats have the longevity of being in style season after season and classic shapes with equally classic colour palettes means this perfect women's shoe is here to stay! 

    Ballet flats are all about style, comfort and versatility and bringing together the three important factors that create the perfect women's flat shoe. Add fun bright colours and prints, as well as high-quality materials and this is what makes Camminosthe perfect ballet flat


    Ballet flats are always in style and on-trend season after season due to their classic shape and timeless functionality. The feminine touch of a closed-toe and clean lines from the top elastic to the heel. Simple and classic details mean you’ll be wearing the same pair season after season. Our bright colours and unique feminine prints also allow each pair of Cammino ballet flats to be worn as a statement shoe or as the perfect match for your outfit. Perfect for pants, dresses or skirts of any length or shape. Subtle or bold, all of our 13 styles are inspired by beautiful Italian names and have been designed to get you through your day in style! 


    Ballet flats are the most comfortable women's footwear as they are the closest to shoe style to bare feet. This allows your foot to be in a natural position and doesn’t put extra pressure on the balls of your feet or heels. At Cammino we took a lot of time to consider how best to fit the shoe to the foot rather than the other way around. Using an elasticated edge and foldable soles is a must-have for any comfortable shoe. We take comfort to the next level by sourcing the softest leather and together the combination is super comfy shoes for busy women. All our Cammino ballet flats give the wearer the best possible comfort for every day and every occasion. 


    Ballet flats are great for your everyday workwear, for casual weekend comfort and even an elegant evening look. Wear them as a statement piece or match them to your outfit in complementary neutrals. Cammino has 20 styles in different prints and colours so you will always find a ballet flat to suit your outfit and your mood. Our flexible rubber sole makes for the best non-slip surface and means every pair of Cammino ballet flats can be folded to sit in your purse. Slip them on after wearing your heels or pack them in your luggage for a great comfortable footwear travel option. 

    black foldable ballet flats

    The best women's shoe

    At Cammino our ballet flats were made out of the need for women to have an easy to wear stylish and comfortable footwear option. A lot of time and thought has gone into the development process to create a shoe that not only looks good but is also functional. Sourcing the softest leather, high-quality rubber soles and being made by our artisan Italian shoemakers, ensure every step you take in a pair of Camminos is one that you’ll love. Never worry about sore feet or having inappropriate footwear as out foldable ballets flats are perfect for any occasion and can be worn anywhere! Get a pair today! 

    Discover your next new pair of timeless ballet flats from Cammino with ourClassic Collection,Print Collection andSparkle Collection.