Our Design Ethos

Our Design Ethos


It’s no surprise that some of the world’s best fashion labels are born in Italy. Cammino Italian Ballet flats are expertly crafted in the region of Le Marche, Italy. This traditional shoe making region, is also known as ‘la Valle della Scarpa’ (the Shoe Valley), is where modern shoemaking was invented.

Centuries of knowledge have been passed from generation to generation creating a hub of innovative shoe production supplying the most comfortable, stylish, and well-made shoes across the globe. It’s here in the town of Fermo, the Petrini family, 3rd generation shoemakers, make our shoes. We choose only the finest and softest leather and suede in bright, bold, and unique colours and prints.

The Italian way of life is all about decadence and love. They are passionate about detail and extravagant aesthetic and their fashion houses and manufacturers are considered among the world’s best due to their superior methods and high-quality product standards.

The ‘Made in Italy’ stamp is a symbol of certification that our shoes are made entirely in Italy from the best Italian leathers. We are proud to stand out from big brands where waste, complex supply chains and no trackability are commonplace. The made in Italy stamp featured on our shoes is reassurance, for you, that the product is made entirely in Italy.

At Cammino, we support the slow fashion movement and pride ourselves on being transparent about our supply chain. We work directly with our factory to ensure living wages and fair working conditions are adhered to. We don't overproduce in massive faceless factories, leading to wastage that is not sustainable. Rather our collections are designed and curated in small quantities. With only 22 pairs handcrafted per day!

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