ballet flats at Spring Racing Carnival


As Spring Racing Carnival gets going again post pandemic and back to full capacity. It's time to get ready to plan your best outfit yet. And if you're anything like us and can't last the day in heels...then don't! 
Full stop. 
Wear the flats. Don’t look back.
Whether you are planning the day in a pair of flats or prefer to tackle the day in heels and pack a pair in your bag top change into for the way home. You simply can’t go past a pair of Camminos to complete your Spring Racing look. Our handmade Italian leather flats are crafted by hand from exquisite Italian leather for lasting quality and immediate comfort. They are the perfect pairing for a fun-filled day at the track. Be comfortable, stylish and on-trend with a pair of Camminos from our great range of styles available in over 30 different colours including our  Print , Sparkle and Colour styles.
We all know getting trackside during the Spring Racing Carnival and tipping some winners is a big part of the day. Not to mention the endless stream of champagne sipped as you saunter through the grounds.
But we all enjoy the Fashions on the Field and understand that this truly is the best part of the race season. Once you’ve got your outfit sorted the key to being able to make it through the day with your style intact is to wear or carry a pair of ballet flats. Make sure your feet are comfortable and happy whilst still looking  the part. But also comfortable in the knowledge you won’t be leaving the track with sore feet or being one of those women with muddy, grassy heels. Keep it classy and have your best possible race day walking in colour and comfort in a pair of Camminos! 
After the racing season is over we launch into Christmas party season so the need for the perfect flat shoe becomes even more essential.Cammino ballet flats are foldable to fit into your bag  to ensure you never have to leave the party early due to achey feet.
Read on to discover our top 7 tips for wearing ballet flats this Racing and Party Season
1. All day delights
    A great race day will often start with a champagne breakfast and before you know it you’ll be hitting the track mid-morning for race one. Once you’ve had some more champagne and a few cheeky bets, some food and countless photos in your race day get up. Before you know it you’ll be heading home and you realise you’ve been out all day. Instead of suffering from sore feet make a pair of Cammino ballet flats the highlight of your race day. Be comfortable and stylish in a pair of handmade Italian leather flats. 

    2. Home time flats 
      Have a pair of foldable flats in your race day purse for when your feet have had enough of those heels. Make it home in comfort with a pair of women's ballet flats made from the softest leather. Our handmade Italian flats are foldable and fit easily into a bag or clutch and are ideal for carrying with you for changing into at the end of a long fun day. Avoid the hometime hangover and have a pair of ballet flats for a quick shoe change at the track. Be prepared with a pair of ballets on race day and get home in comfort with Cammino. 
      3. At any length 
        Variety is the spice of life and finding an outfit for the races is often the best part. The Races are also a great place to try out a new look or add to your look with a piece that will fit in with your existing wardrobe. Ballet flats go perfectly with any length dress including maxi, mini or midi’s as well as a wide leg or tailored trousers. Ensure you're on-trend with a great race day outfit and pair it with our handmade Italian leather flats. Whatever style you choose, know that a pair of women’s flats will suit any outfit. 
         4. Wet track
        Melbourne is known for having four seasons in one day so wet weather footwear is a must for any day but especially for a race day. Keeping your feet dry and comfortable will make your track day last well into the night. End up at an after-party or head out for dinner without the need to stop for a shoe change. Have your foldable flats with you and change your footwear whenever you need or wear your Camminos all day long. Keep them in your bag ready for a quick shoe change and keep your feet dry. And a huge bonus is they come with a cute cloth bag to store them in and protect that gorgeous soft leather.
        5. Getting there
        Whether you’re making it to the track in an Uber, a helicopter or by public transport, avoid starting your day in the worst way by getting to the track in an uncomfortable pair of shoes. The races can be a long day so your travel time there should be easy. Make sure you arrive feeling fresh, comfortable and stylish in a pair of Cammino ballet flats. Have a pair of heels ready to change into once you get to the track or spend all day in your ballet flats. Either way arriving with your best foot forward means your day can only get better! 
        6. Dopamine Dressing
        Never before has Spring fashion been about bright colours that give that endorphin hit. Cammino has the biggest range in unique colour combinations that will either offer that pop of interest or match your dress.  Pick up the colours of your outfit with a pair of Camminos from our Classic Collection. Block colours compliment bold floral patterns without taking away from the bright shades of the fabric. Add some extra colour to your look or keep it simple with our best selling blush tones or classic black. Include a pop of colour with coloured trim details from our Colour Collection. Stand out in your race day outfit with a simple footwear choice with Cammino ballet flats. 
        7. Comfort and style 
        At Cammino we have worked hard to ensure our ballet flats are both comfortable and stylish. Made from the softest leather the elasticated sides and flexible soles make every pair of Camminos the most comfortable pair of shoes in your wardrobe. Camminos have a sock-like fit which moulds to your feet. This means each time you slip on your Camminos you’ll remember exactly why you bought them and why you should always carry them with you! Great for traveling, every day or a special night out. Change your shoes and add the pep that has been missing from your step! 

        Check out our range of women's flats and make this year's race season the best yet with a new pair of Camminos. Add some colour or keep it simple with our classic black or white favourites. From monochrome to big bold colours Camminos are the perfect race day shoe. Wear them all day long or have them in your purse for a quick shoe change and never worry about sore, wet or grassy feet. Stay out all day and into the night this spring racing carnival. 
        Not only will you love wearing your ballet flats to the races, they'll fit into your existing wardrobe perfectly. The flexible sole is designed to be foldable so every pair can be carried in your bag. Easily slip on your ballet flats at any time and feel comfortable and stylish with every step. 
        Check out ourballet flatsto find a unique pair of Camminos for every day from work to play. Designed in Melbourne by busy mum and dopamine dresser Katrina Verso who cares about comfort on your feet. She works with traditional Italian Shoemakers who craft the shoes by hand for lasting quality. Camminos are the most comfortable ballet flats you will ever own.