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Looking for the ultimate guide on how to colour match your shoes to your outfit? Discover the best tips and tricks on matching our handmade Italian womens ballet flats and sneakers with your favourite outfits. 

At Cammino, we love to play with styling our women ballet flats and sneakers with all different kinds of outfits. From dresses to pants, evening to daywear, the office to the weekend whatever the occasion or activity we have styled our way from classic to bold and everything in between. So we have decided to share our best tips and tricks on how to colour match your shoes to your outfit. 

Part of our design process for all of our handmade Italian women’s ballet flats, is to consider what the shoe colour, print or pattern may be matched with so that we can tie accents into the design. While we can’t know exactly what colours you will wear with your Camminos (and we don’t want to limit your choices) we know that discovering a new look - just by changing up your shoe option, is always welcome. Sometimes, the best part of buying a new pair of shoes is finding all the new wardrobe options you have!


Check out our ultimate guide on how to colour match your shoes to your outfit and open up your wardrobe options, simply by mixing and matching your existing outfits with any of our handmade Italian ballet flats and sneakers. The best part is you can do this without the help of an expensive stylist! Here are some of the most asked colour match questions:  

When should I wear colourful shoes? 

Colourful shoes can be worn all year round. Don’t get sold into the idea that colour should only be worn in Summer. Colour, especially when it comes to shoes, is a great way to make a statement or add to your already colourful outfit. Block colours are perfect for making a statement and when you wear a bold coloured shoe with a neutral coloured outfit your shoe becomes the hero. Pairing primary colors like reds, yellows, and blues with white’s and pale pastels colours is also another great way to make your shoe colour the statement piece. 

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How can I wear prints and sparkle to compliment my outfit? 

Animal print and metallic sparkly shoes can often overtake an outfit. So choosing colours that either compliment or match those of the shoe will bring together the outfit. Leopard print is a timeless fashion trend that is seen year after year season after season. Traditionally worn with red or gold, other bold regal colours are also a great match for this print. Purple and even a rich green or turquoise compliment the black and tan colours well regardless of the size of print or intensity of colour. Sparkle or metallic is also a statement fabric that can quickly over take the shoe or item of clothing. Adding in pastels or softer colored tones such as white or tan levels out the shine in the sparkle and brings a smooth unique touch to an outfit. 

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What colour outfits can I wear with neutral shoes?

Neutral colour women’s ballet flats are not only great to elongate your leg line but they go with absolutely any colour. That’s right, anything!. A mismatched outfit of patterns mixed with block colour or prints can be evened out with a simple neutral shoe choice. Our coconut white Alba ballet flat is the perfect neutral regardless of your skin tone. 



Find out more on how to colour match your shoes to your outfit: 

Bold prints and colours 

If you are feeling adventurous then take a bold colour like theKaira - aquamarine leather ballet flat and add a feminine touch with chiffon or a print. Pairing a bold statement shoe with a pastel dress or feminine outfit might seem at first like a mismatch. But the contrast between the flowing fabric and soft colours against the bold shoe brings the outfit together perfectly.


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Monochrome is a timeless fashion trend that works with stripes, patterns and prints. The key though is to keep the integration of all these elements to a minimum. For example stripes or patterns should only be used on one item of the outfit not all. For example a striped skirt should be paired with a block coloured shoe. Don't be tempted to add in a second pattern or print to the outfit, as it can become too busy and distracting to the eye. 

Block colours 

Building an outfit of block colours means you get the most out of your wardrobe while never running out of options. That means choosing colours that will pair well with blacks or navy blues and can always be paired with whites or neutrals. Alternating block colours is also a great way to tie in a colour or pattern to the other items in your outfit. For example a turquoise shirt with navy pants and shoe with turquoise elements makes a perfectly balanced outfit. 


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Bringing an outfit together with a shoe colour that is tonal to the outfit is the most common and often the best way to colour match your shoes to your outfit. Tonal matching is the fail safe way to ensure your outfit and shoes are complementing each other and that either your shoes or outfit don’t clash with each other. The strength of the colours do not have to be equal and often it’s better to have one of these items be a cooler colour, or less intense version so that the shoes or the outfit are not competing with each other.  


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Discover how you can colour match your shoes to your outfit by using any of the above tips and tricks to not only get the most out of your existing wardrobe but to create a fresh or new style for yourself. With Cammino you can take your colour matching shoe game to a whole new level with any of our29 ballet flats styles or latest range ofsneakers. Step out in style comfort with Cammino and get yourself a new pair of handmade Italian leather women’s ballet flats or sneakers today!  


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