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Where can I wear Ballet Flats?

Our women's leather ballet flats are the kind of women’s shoe you can wear absolutely anywhere. We designed our ballet flats to be folded and carried in your handbag so you can slip them on at any moment. Ensuring the classic ballet flat shape was maintained, while also bringing maximum comfort to give you the best possible pair of women's leather ballet flats. All of our ballet flats can be worn during the day or of an evening and will suit both a casual or formal dress code. 

comfortable ballet flats


Check out our website and follow our Shop by outfit feature to help guide you on what to wear with your Cammino’s or which pair to get next! 



Women's workwear doesn’t have to just be a pencil shirt and unfitted shirt. Fresh basics and smart casual fabrics, like linen, have made their way to the corporate world wardrobe. Pivoting away from heavy materials and old designs means a lighter look. Our Bibiana ballet flat combines blush pink and red for a classic fun look or bring some softness to your look with our cream and fuschia Florenza.

womens foldable ballet flats


No matter the year or season denim is always in style and can be dressed up or dressed down. The famous women's ‘jeans and a nice top’ outfit is never going away so finding a classic pair of women's ballet flats to go with this choice is always going to be a timeless fashion trend. Add some sparkle and flair to your denim look with Tiffania, our gorgeous pink floral sparkle ballet flat or go for a bright bold block colour like Rufina.

red foldable ballet flats

Long skirts 

Whether you prefer a maxi to a midi length, skirts are a comfortable stylish way to bring some feminine flair to your day. Our best selling Allegra is always a firm favourite to wear with a long skirt. The pop of yellow trim adds a little something different against the soft white base. Perfect for a sunny summer’s day outfit. Or mix a navy with a neutral ballet flat for a classic look.

foldable ballet flatstan leather ballet flats

Dress shorts and skirts 

Dress shorts and shift cut skirts are definitely making the rounds this summer. With a mid-thigh hemline, this means your legs are on show but a statement shoe to compliment your outfit can also be the hero of your style. Or if you prefer to elongate the leg line, choose a neutral-toned ballet flat like the taupe toned Trista. Or go with the popular the nautical toned Marina, for a touch of the classic combo - navy blue and white. 

women wearing foldable ballet flats


Long have trousers been a staple work, weekend or casual fashion item, but simply by adding a printed ballet flat adds a touch of femininity and takes this style to a new level. Our print collection is great for a statement shoe with a basic pant, we love the Zia zebra print with a pair of straight-leg chinos! 

zebra print ballet flats
Or add a touch of metallic from our sparkle collectionto a pair of printed trouser pants.
gold leather ballet flats

Weekend casual  

Forget about your workout shoes as a suitable casual weekend footwear option. When it comes to a weekend casual look be sure to pair your fancy activewear (that you probably never even sweat in) with a ballet flat. Fun prints, bold colours and comfort are what our women’s shoes are all about! It doesn’t get better than the Ladonna - blush pink ballet flats. 

blush pink foldable ballet flats
Or a metallics silver in Febewith crisp white leggings.
silver foldable ballet flats

Spring time = Ballet Flat season

At Cammino Shoes we strive to bring joy to women through comfortable flat shoes with unique colours that are built to last. We’ve combined fresh colours, new materials and textures and, as always, comfort and style. What better reason do you need to get yourself a new pair of Camminos - Spring has landed!

foldable ballet flats

From a  low key casual outfit to your most impressive workwear style can be paired with the right choice of ballet flat. At Cammino we love to enjoy the endless possibilities that come with our shoes. Mixing and matching colour, prints and textures to create beautiful shoes you will love to wear. Best of all, wearing your Camminos as a statement piece or as your go-to versatile 'can-wear-with-any outfit' shoe is absolutely up to you. Find the pair (or pairs) that you love and fit in with your already existing wardrobe and your style options will be endless. 


Discover your own unique style with our ballet flat collection and choose from 30 different styles. Our foldable leather women's flats are made to be kept in your bag for those times when you just need a comfortable pair of shoes to slip on. Handmade in Italy, by artisan shoemakers, - only the softest leather and the highest quality materials are used to create a pair of Camminos. 

Grab your favourite pair of Camminos today and step into Spring in style and comfort. 


comfortable pink ballet flats