Zebra print women's sneakers


Looking forwomen's sneakers Australia trends for 2022? We’ve got the best in white sneakers and how to wear this year's must have flat shoe! 

If you have white sneakers on rotation then you’ll be so happy to know that in 2022 the white sneaker trend is hitting the runways and fashion houses all over the world. Which is great news if you already have a pair in your wardrobe or if you’re looking for a brand new pair for a fresh new look! Each season there is a new take on the sneakers trends but white womens sneakers are a classic wardrobe staple that are often on the best trends list season after season. But, in 2022 womens white sneakers are at the top of the list. 

Since the 1870’s sneakers have made the evolution from plimsoll’s traditionally worn on tennis and croquettes courts to today where they are worn on catwalks, red carpets, bars, sporting events, work, school - basically anywhere that you need to wear shoes! Sneakers have become so popular and are always a fashion staple but the increase in their popularity has meant that this year they are hitting the top of the trends list. 

Find out why we love sneakers so much and how you can get the most out of this season's sneakers trend! 


Zebra print sneakers


How to wear the 2022 shoe trend - women’s white sneakers 

White sneakers and trousers 

White sneakers and trousers can bring together a comfortable casual look perfect for the busy woman. So many working women rock the trousers and sneakers look when they spend all day on their feet and they don’t want to be slowed down by a poor footwear choice. From teachers, to nurses, hospitality workers to even the corporate world is accepting that if you want to get something done there is no better shoe option than a white sneaker. 

Neutrals and white sneakers 

White and neutral tones are a great base for an outfit as you can pair the soft whites and tans with any colour print or texture. From the block colours to animal print, metallics in suede and leather materials used in our shoes to give flair to our shoes these great fabrics can easily be paired with any outfit. Building a neutral base with white sneaker can be the best way to discover endless outfit options and get the most out of this year’s best trend. 

Casual weekend sneakers 

We know that with our busy lives falling in a heap on a Friday night and hibernating for the weekend is just not how busy mums and women roll. We’ve got things to do and places to be on the weekends and we want to be comfortable and stylish while we do them. Throwing on any outfit that makes you feel like you can make it through the day feeling like yourself and an outfit that pairs perfectly with a white sneaker means you can breeze through the weekend from any activity at any location. From school sports, to brunch or a backyard barbeque - make it anywhere you like in a pair of womens white sneakers. 

Our best selling white sneakers 

women's white sneakers

Portofino - White, cappuccino, silver and yellow sneaker 

OurPortofino sneakerhas a little something for everyone! Classic design meets a pop of colour and a splash of glitter. The subtle sparkle of the silver toe and tongue feature goes perfectly with the cappuccino lace trim paired with the bold yellow heel trim. This unique yet classic sneaker is one of our best sellers and will be a must have for the 2022 white sneaker trend. 

Saluzzo - White, red and silver sneaker 

Fresh and fun - ourSaluzzo sneaker is inspired by the town it’s named after famous for its architecture! With the clean white leather base and silver lace and red heel trim you can tick the white sneakers box and wear a unique style at the same time. Classic yet fun, this sneaker can be worn all year round and season after season! 

Get a pair of white sneakers today! 

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