At Cammino, we know it's an art to pick the right travelling shoes. That's why our incredibly portable ballet flats for women are ideal for any type of travel and have been designed with these top tips in mind! From a business trip to a long weekend away or a European summer vacation. Cammino’s comfortable ballet flats for women are the perfect travel flat shoes for travel.

If you’re looking for comfort and style to practicality and versatility Cammino ballet flats are just what your luggage needs to get you from the commute to a business conference, seaside activity or a luxurious 10 course degustation. Their unique range of colours, prints , sparkly ballet flats will be sure to have one in just the share and colour pop you need!
Wherever your travels take you, feel confident  AND comfortable in Cammino foldable ballet flats.
 Check out our 8 reasons ballet flats are the perfect travel shoe...
1. Comfort
This is essential. Need we say more? OK we will! No one wants to wear uncomfortable shoes and especially not women’s flats! We know comfortable flat shoes can make your day. When you’re travelling this is almost as important as having your travel documents. At Cammino, we have made sure comfort is key. But we know sometimes a heel or a beautiful boot is essential. That ‘s why we created a comfortable stylish foldable flat so you can slip on your Camminos for the trip home! Our handmade flats are created with high quality materials and the elasticated sides ensure the best fit for any foot.
Zebra Print Ballet Flat
2. Size
Baggage restrictions call for light and clever packing. Our foldable shoes are lightweight, compact and super portable. So you can pack them in your carry on or your luggage and not have to worry about your ballets flats taking up too much space. Also due to the high quality materials used to make our handmade flat shoes for women, every pair are easily foldable and can keep being folded time and time again. Even if you run a large shoe size foldable flat shoes for women are a great idea for any traveller and any type of travel. Camminos will easily fit into a handbag or carry on travel case and the best news is that they will not take up very much room in your luggage.
foldable ballet flat
3. Versatility
Wear ballet flats with everything, from day to night, our stylish flat shoes for women are perfect for a casual day or a classy evening outfit. From jeans and a t-shirt to dinner reservations wearing a maxi dress or an elegant pant- suit, Camminos go with anything! Regardless of your outfit, ballet flats are always a flattering choice and will easily suit any outfit and any location. Spend the day adventuring through a new city or hit the shops. Whatever activity you are doing while travelling a versatile shoe is much more useful than a single pair of shoes you might only wear once. Ballet flats are more versatile, comfortable and stylish than sneakers or any other pair of shoes you may own and our range of colours and prints will match almost anything in your wardrobe.
nude ballet flat
4. Style
At Cammino, we strongly believe that style should never, ever be sacrificed. We spent a lot of time and energy researching how to maintain style while still creating a comfortable and wearable flat shoe. Having each pair of Camminos hand made in Italy means the techniques used in the shoemaking process are world class. Having third generation shoemakers transform the soft leather into a flat shoe ensure the finest quality craftsmanship and that famous Italian passion to produce stylish ballet flats that are also incredibly comfortable. Stay on trend and in style always with Camminos.
green ballet flats
5. Flexible
A big part of the Cammino journey is to create beautiful flat shoes that are flexible enough for any foot. When we started to think about how to make flexible flat shoes for women we knew including elasticated sides was the best way to provide the highest possible flexibility. Using high quality elastic and soft leather bound together by Italian shoemakers gives the wearer an almost sock like comfort. Camminos easily move with the movement of your foot which means and long lasting comfort as well as saying goodbye to blisters. 
6. Timeless wardrobe piece
Classic style is always developed from simple clean lines and a less is more kind of mantra. A little black dress or a camel coloured trench coat are the timeless wardrobe pieces that will always be on trend. Investing in these items means classic beautiful style season after season. The same goes with a pair of ballet flats. Every season you might find yourself scrolling through an online store and finding a pair you know will last until next season and still be on trend is tricky. But at Cammino we have made sure that our clean lines and shape of the sole and the body of the shoe means you’ll be wearing Camminos every year. You’ll also be packing these flat shoes for women in your luggage each time you travel. 
gold ballet flat
7. Foldable
A big part of our success at Cammino can be linked to our ballet flats being foldable and portable. From your every day commute to weekend activities or running from your work commitment to your social life in comfort and style. We know that sore feet can ruin or even end your day. Leaving the party early is never fun and not being able to complete everything on your TO-DO list when your travelling is the worst. Stay on your feet and keep up with your day by having a pair of foldable flats on the ready. Pop them in your handbag or keep them in your suitcase for that moment we know is all coming. Sore feet will no longer ruin your travel plans with the perfect pair of foldable flat shoes from Cammino. 
women wearing ballet flats
8. Handmade
Our handmade Italian flats are great for travelling because when you are wearing a pair of Camminos, you are already walking with a story. The journey of your shoes is created in the Le Marche region of Italy more commonly known as the shoe valley. Each pair of Camminos is handmade with love by 3rd generation shoemakers and using the finest softest leather and beautiful craftsmanship. Feel confident in knowing Camminos are a part of the slow fashion movement and you will never have the fear of sore feet or badly made shoes. Handmade with love by experts craftsmen and high quality materials. What could be better than that? 
Flat shoes for women
Wherever you decide to take your travels this year, be sure to take with you a pair of Cammino ballet flats. You won’t be disappointed with how easily these flat shoes for women fit into, not only, your luggage but also your wardrobe and your itinerary. Find your favourite pair of Camminos and add them to your travel essentials wish list. And remember the only thing that is better than new shoes in 2 pairs! 
Perfecting the art of choosing the perfect travel companion with Cammino!
Enjoy your travels, wherever they take you, and stay in comfort and style with a pair of Cammino foldable ballet flats. 
Bon voyage!