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Looking for the best ballet flats for women. Find out why ballet flats are the best! 

 At Cammino we have long believed that flat shoes for women are the ultimate everyday shoe! We even created a shoe brand that developed the best ballet flats that are not only comfortable but stylish too. Season after season we see ballet flats make the lists of must have trends and it’s not just because they’re easy to wear or because of their classic style. Ballet flats are the best everyday shoe because they suit almost every occasion, outfit and lifestyle. 

foldable ballet flats


From print to sparkle and our neutral classics Cammino has developed the best ballet flats, handmade in Italy with love and sent directly to you! We take pride in our designs as well as the 3rd generation craftsmanship of our shoemakers that make up a beautifully made high quality shoe you can wear day after day, season after season. 

Find out our top7 reasons why ballet flats are the best!

 1. For any occupation - nurses, teachers, hospitality, corporate 

We have always known that nurses, teachers and hospitality staff work extremely hard and their day to day job is largely spent on their feet. So making sure they have good quality footwear is essential. Our handmade Italian leather ballet flats are perfect for spending all day on your feet as the soft leather and elasticated sides mold to your feet giving the wearer a glove like shoe that accommodates the shape of your foot.

2. Stylish and comfortable 

That’s our biggest selling point and at Cammino we truly believe our ballet flats are the best on the market when it comes to the perfect balance of style and comfort. We have developed a versatile design that suits almost every foot size and shape and can be worn with a variety of outfits to absolutely any occasion or event. Black tie, casual, weekend brunch, yoga work - you name it and Cammino will be there! 

3. Slip on - quick and easy 

Our beautifully handcrafted Italian womens ballet flats are designed to be able to slip on and off while still molding to your feet perfectly no matter the shape of your foot. If you’re rushing out the door or making a quick shoe change we have specifically designed our elasticated edges to stretch to your foot making that slip on shoe action an easy transaction.

4. Classic design - wear season after season

Not only do our shoemakers take care with every single pair of shoes handcrafted in their Italian shoe house, but we have created a classic design that can be  worn season after season. We have created a timeless body that incorporates fun and fresh materials as a design feature so you know that you are stepping out in the best pair of shoes for years with Cammino! 

red foldable ballet flats

5. Foldable and lightweight 

Not only are our ballet flats a great shoe to be wearing all day but they are also great to keep in your purse as a backup pair of shoes to change into at any time. We designed our ballet flats to be foldable so they can slip into your bag and then on to your feet! Making them the most versatile pair of shoes in your wardrobe. 

6. Ballet flats look fabulous with anything

From day to night, work to the weekend, cocktails to brunch and everything else in between, Cammino ballet flats are perfect for any occasion and can be silt dressed up or dressed down. Check out some of our best styling tips from our catalog of vlogs on our YouTube Channel. 


Discover for yourself the best ballet flats on the market with Cammino Shoes. Choose from our range of ballet flats with over 25 styles from 5 different collections you’ll get the perfect pair of ballet flats for your everyday. But why one stop at one pair when you can have several! 

Take a look at some of our best selling ballet flats. 

From ourClassic Collection theLara ballet flat is our newest neutral toned leather ballet flat that is flying off the shelves. One of our best sellers can be worn with almost any outfit and to any occasion. The luxurious caramel leather easily matches a number of skin tones and gives an elongated leg line perfect for skirts, shorts or pants. 


women wearing ballet flats


We love the amazing designs that make up our Print Collection and the Alberta ballet flat is the best combination of a bold print that is versatile and stylish. The fresh white paired with the subtle black snake skin pattern brings together the best of magic. This print can be worn as a bold statement or a neutral touch to your favourite cream, white or beige styling. 

women wearing ballet flats


From ourColor Collectionadd a touch of aqua to the fresh white leather with theFrancesca ballet flat. The cool aqua leather trim is the touch of colour that makes this shoe go from neutral to pop with the turn of the foot. We love to wear this shoe with a flowing skirt but it can easily be worn as a work shoe, a casual weekend walking shoe or to after work cocktails! 

Get a bit of shine into your day withBellafrom ourSparkle Collection. She’s bright, she’s blue and she goes perfectly with a warm summer’s day or a cool calm attitude. The touch of metallic silver sparkle hell trim makes Bella into a beautiful blue shoe with a unique touch you’ll love for that special occasion or for everyday!

For the well groomed and well footed bride check out out beautiful Wedding Collectionand our classic crisp white leather ballet flat Alba. One of our first designs, this wedding shoe favourite is perfect for a long day on your feet when you want to be able to have the stamina to dance the night away. All of our Cammino brides love the flexibility of the soft leather and elasticated edges for comfort and style on their big day!

Discover for yourself why Camminos are the best ballet flats! Learn more about our commitment to sustainability andslow fashion and find out how ourdesign ethos makes us one of the best quality Australian brands.