At Cammino, we know that our ballet flats are so versatile you can where them basically anywhere! From your work day to your weekend and everywhere in between flat shoes can be worn with any outfit or location. Finding the perfect pair of ballet flats is the first step and then discovering all the great places to wear ballet flats is the next step in your shoe adventure. Versatility is on the list of 10 things that make the perfect ballet flat and that means having a range of places to wear your ballet flats. The more you wear your Camminos the more places you’ll find to wear them.
So grab your Cammino ballet flats and come with us to learn the best 11 places to wear them.
1. On your work commute
Make your work commute comfortable and stylish with a pair of Cammino flat shoes for women. Jump from train to bus and into your office without being slowed down by a pair of uncomfortable shoes! Keep your foldable flats in your bag while you make your way to work and then change into your work shoes ready to start the day. Make your work day commute a breeze everyday with a pair of ballet flats. 
2. At a wedding 
Spending a whole day dressed up can sometimes be torturous enough so having comfortable footwear when attending a wedding is a must! From cocktails to black tie ballet flats are a great wedding shoe as you’ll be able to spend the whole day in comfort and style. Our great colour range means matching your shoes and your dress is easy as well and all the other guests will be jealous they didn’t have the same idea. 
3. Leaving the race track 
Is there anything worse than trudging out of the races with a handbag full of losing tote tickets and sore feet from balancing in heels on wet grass all day?! There actually isn’t. Pack your foldable Cammino ballet flats in your purse and have a happy end to any race day! Avoid muddy grassy feet at the races with a pair of flat shoes for women. 
black ballet flats
4. A job interview 
Look smart professional and well dressed in any of our women’s flats and choose a colour that suits your mood and the job your are going for. Nerves and stress can make us do embarrassing and clumsy things so collapsing into an interview room as your trip over your own feet shouldn't be found on your list of skills. Wear a smile and a flat and most of all good luck!
office ballet flats
5. At your kids after school activities 
Be your best at your kids weekend sports or after school activities in a pair of Cammino ballet flats. Run after your little ones or cheer from the sidelines wearing your comfortable foldable ballet flats. Cammino flat shoes for women go perfectly with a pair of jeans or any kind of lounge or activewear and you’ll so comfortable you won’t be able to resist getting up and cheering on your feet. 
6. To Sunday brunch 
Lazy Sunday brunches call for loose fitting clothes and comfy shoes! Wear your Cammino flat shoes for women with your favourite casual outfit and feel like you never want your eggs and newspaper date to end! Brunching will be your favourite day of the week and mixing and matching your outfits with your ballet flats will be the best part of breakfast!
rose gold ballet flats
7. Doing a wine tour… or any tour 
It happens to the best of us a long day of being a tourist cut short by inappropriate footwear or sore feet. Oh no! If you’re heading out on a wine tour or any kind of travelling tourist activity wear your Cammino ballet flats and you’ll never have to worry about your tour day ending all too quickly. 
8. When driving your car 
Driving shoes are not just for professional drivers. Keeping your passengers safe means being able to feel the pedals under your feet and being able to react quickly to any oncoming traffic or changes in road conditions. Our Cammino ballet flats are made from the softest leather and have flexible soles making them a great shoe for driving. 
9. To yoga 
Slip on your ballet flats to head to your yoga class and then slip them off again when you get to the door. No need for socks and you’ll keep your feet both warm and dry before your class. Then when you’re finished, quickly slip your ballets flats back on and be the first out the door!
10. Whilst on a Supermarket run 
Slide from aisle to aisle in a pair of Cammino flat shoes for women and take your supermarket shopping to a new level. Reduce your time in the supermarket by jumping out of the car and into the fresh food section faster wearing your ballet flats. Be comfortable and get your groceries done quicker in your Camminos. 
11. On the dancefloor 
Being a dancefloor diva is all about longevity and those dance battles are not going to floss themselves! Bust some moves in your comfortable flexible ballet flats and feel like a ballet dancer with the lightness of the leather and flexible sole. Designed to be folded up to fit in to your bag but also doubles as a pointe shoe! Winning. 
silver ballet flats
Camminos are basically your new best friend when it comes to discovering places to wear ballet flats. Find even more great places by adding a pair, or two, to your shopping cart now. With our Print CollectionColour Collection and Classic Collection you will be able to find the best fit for your lifestyle and your wardrobe. Flat shoes are not just a comfortable alternative but stylish versatile and full of opportunity to wear anywhere and everywhere.