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Trying to find the ultimate guide to buying shoes online? Find out how to choose the right brand for you with our quick and easy tips! 

Buying shoes online can be tricky for a number of reasons. Size, quality, style and suitability are hard to determine when a product is listed online. Often you end up with a shoe that either isn’t what it looks like or is the wrong size or made from a different material to what you have imagined. Everyone has had their own online shopping fail and while there is an art to buying products online, we have some tips and tricks on what to look out for when you’re buying shoes online. 

Finding new products online can be a great way to get on the front foot of trends or season styles as well as taking advantage of sales or new brands that you may not be familiar with. When it comes to buying shoes online we know that there are some important things to look out for so that you get a great pair of shoes you love and can wear time and time again. 


Check out our top 7 tips for buying shoes online

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1. Read the size guide 

The size guide is key to getting your size right and it’s important to note that all shoe brands will use a different size scale depending on where the shoes are manufactured. If you know your usual shoe size by region then see  that it matches and then It’s always a good idea to measure your foot and double check against the size guide on the website. 

Check out the Cammino size guide HERE with instructional video!  

2. What’s the exchange and return policy?

Before you buy anything online you should always (always!) check they have a free return/ exchange policy. This will not only be helpful if you do get the size wrong but also  so you know the brand cares enough to get you the right size. If they value your business then they will be helpful in getting you into the right size regardless of the additional logistics.

3. Is there an authentic brand story?

Take a look at the brand and see if there is any information about where their shoes are made and why they have created the brand. Is it for a creative outlet, sustainable practices or a family business? Regardless of the reason, if there is a strong incentive to keep the brand a business going then it will be more likely that the product that they are manufacturing will be one of quality.

4. Does the brand have detailed product info?

If you look at the product descriptions on the website you should be able to get as much information as possible. Especially what materials or fabrics the shoes are made out of. This will not only give you a better visual of the true product but an idea of how well the shoes will wear and potentially how long they will last.

5. What do other customers say?

Customer reviews are a fantastic way to get a true indication of the shoe, the brand and the buying experience from others who have previously bought the product. See how the brand interacts with their customers and if you have questions, then ask the brand directly. That way you’ll get to experience their customer service first hand before even making a purchase, as this will come through in their communication. 

6. Who is the person behind the brand?

Not only does a good brand story help you understand the quality and standards of the  shoe but it lets you into the person behind the brand. Discovering what it is that makes the brand tic and what lead to creating a brand and a shoe is always super interesting and can be a great way to understand if this is also a shoe you’d like to wear. From sustainability to design there are so many reasons that people get excited about creating their own shoe brand and learning about the face behind the brand can be a deciding factor in the purchase. 

7. Outfit matching your shoes? 

The best way to understand how you might wear the shoe you are interested in buying online, is to see how the shoe is styled. Can you wear it with different colors, outfits and seasons? And can you see yourself wearing the shoe with similar outfits that you already have in your wardrobe? If you can answer yes to these questions then you are well on your way to knowing if this is the right shoe for you! 

So there you have our top tips and tricks on buying shoes online so you get the best possible fit, quality and value for your money! We have done all the legwork on how to make good decisions when it comes to buying shoes online so we wanted to share them with you. At Cammino, we know that getting the most out of every pair of shoes is so important to the customer so that is why we design all our handmade Italian ballet flats and sneakers with a classic timeless design, using a range of different materials colours, prints and metallics to bring you a unique shoe that you can buy online and be happy to wear season after season. 

Find your new favourite pair of shoes online today by following ourtop7 tips for buying shoes online.