We are often asked at Cammino ‘how to clean leather or suede shoes’ by our loyal customers. Even though we use the highest quality materials and are easy to wear, designs are made to last, we want our shoes to be with you as long as possible. 

All our shoes are handmade in Italy which means the leather and suede used for each shoe is handled delicately during the manufacturing process, but it’s also able to be worn well throughout the shoes life. Not only do our shoemakers take their time when producing each pair of Camminos, but they also ensure the cuts of leather and suede are carefully selected. So of course we want to make sure the beautiful selected materials used to make our shoes are taken care of! 

Here is an easy to follow guide on how to clean your leather and suede shoes. We hope it helps to make sure your Camminos are well looked after. Ultimately, it means they last longer and you can try any of our 30 different styles while you keep wearing the others. 


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How to clean leather shoes  

While there are many leather cleaning products on the market most stains can be easily lifted without the use of expensive products. We’ll show you in 6 easy steps how to clean leather shoes.   

What you need: 

  • Detergent or a mild facial cleanser (micellar water is a great option)
  • Soft cloth 
  • Antibacterial spray or tea tree oil (optional)
  • Leather conditioner (optional) 

1. Before wearing your leather shoes, spray with a high-quality leather protector. 

Always use a high-quality leather spray to ensure your shoes will last as long as possible.

2. Dilute a mild detergent, or facial cleanser with some lukewarm water and then using a cloth apply the liquid to the leather. 

In a bowl add lukewarm water to a coin-sized amount of detergent or facial cleanser and dilute until there is a soapy consistency. 

3. Gently lift any stains or odours by patting the leather dry with a soft damp cloth

Using a soft cloth apply a small amount of the solution onto the leather by dabbing gently. Try not to wipe too aggressively. 

4. Once complete, wrap the shoes in a clean towel or newspaper to dry overnight. 

Place your shoes in an area where they won't be disturbed and wrap them in a clean towel or dry newspaper overnight so they can dry completely. 

5. If you like, spray some anti-bacterial spray or diluted tea tree oil on the inside of your shoe. 

    Maintaining the inside of your leather shoes will make them smell less and last longer. A small amount of spray will kill and prevent mildew and odour-causing bacteria from spreading.

    6. The following day when the shoes are dry, moisturise using a leather conditioner, you only need a pea-sized amount. 

    Leather conditioner is great for keeping the weather soft and supple so the shoe moves better with your foot and protects against stains and marks. 

    Leather shoe care 

  1. Wear them every second day 
  2. If you love your leather shoes you may want to wear them every day and we get that! But natural perspiration can take a good 24 hours to properly dry. So to get the most out of your leather shoes wear them every second day - what better excuse to buy another pair! 

  3. Place is a dust bag or shoebox 
  4. Storing your shoes in a bag or box will stop them from being marked or crushed while your not wearing them. Our shoeboxes are not only great for storing shoes - but they can also beupcycled and used for many other purposes! 

    •  Clean every 6 months 

    Regular cleaning will not only mean stains and marks will be less likely to stick around, but your leather shoes will also smell better! 

    How to clean suede shoes 

    Suede can be a tricky fabric to clean but it doesn’t need to be. Remember to be gentle with the suede and take your time and you’ll find stains will lift easily. In just 6 easy steps we’ll show you how to clean your suede shoes. 

    What you need: 

    • A suede brush or soft cloth 
    • White vinegar 
    • Suede rubber or pencil or degreaser for stubborn stains 

    1. Spray your suede shoes with a high-quality suede protector spray

    Always use a high-quality suede spray to ensure your shoes will last as long as possible. 

    2. Firstly make sure the suede part of the shoe is dry. Do not clean if they are already wet or damp. 

    Any dirt or marks will lift easier if the suede is dry. Cleaning wet suede runs the risk of rubbing too much and creating a bigger stain or mark. 

    3. Use a suede brush, or a soft cloth and rub over the stain to gently lift any unwanted dirt.

    Suede brushes are soft with fine brussels and help move with the texture of the suede. 

    4. For more difficult stains apply white vinegar to a soft cloth and gently dab onto the suede.

    Vinegar is the ultimate household cleaner as it is unlikely to cause any unwanted damage to any surface. 

    5. Use a suede rubber or pencil eraser to remove any stubborn spots or scuffs. Or for really stubborn stains try a leather degreaser. 

    Suede rubbers are great for lifting stubborn stains and for the extra stubborn stain a leather degreaser will take the oil out of the stain and then allow you to lift the dirt. 

    6. Using the suede brush, give the suede on the last brush.

    Finally giving your suede shoes a final brush will remove any excess dirt from the fibres of the suede. 

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    Suede shoe care 

  5. Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight or exposure to heat 
  6. Try not to leave your suede shoes in a cupboard close to a heater or that has an open window that will expose your shoes to direct sunlight. 

  7. Use a shoe horn to maintain the shape of the suede (Sneakers only) 
  8. This will help with the suede folding on itself and at the same time avoid exposure to light which may change the colour of the suede if exposed for too long. 

  9. Place in a dust bag or shoebox 
  10. Again this will protect your shoes from any exposure to heat or light and can make them easy to locate and take with you for a quick shoe change. 

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