So you're looking at your shoe collection and deciding what your next purchase should be. Your wardrobe is all about comfort and style as well as versatility, but the big question is… Sneakers or Trainers..? 

Sneakers are a timeless classic shoe that is always on-trend. Easy to wear and versatile sneakers are a practical footwear choice for women everywhere. Of late, trainers have been making a comeback into the world of fashion in a fresh new modern way, which gives us so many more comfortable stylish footwear options. However, this has got us all questioning which of these footwear varieties is better... Sneakers or trainers? 

The Sneakers Vs Trainers comparison has come back into our lives thanks to a wide range of shoe brands bringing back the trainer. With this latest shoe trend hitting our feeds we wanted to do a little investigation into the return on the trainers and give you all the answers on the much-debated topic of Sneakers Vs Trainers. 



The latest range of fashion trainers is all about modern futuristic looks with sleek minimal accompanying fashion items. The off duty model look has evolved from denim jeans and a leather jacket to slim-fitting twin sets and chunky trainers. Complete the look with small lensed sunnies and you are off! However, this look is limited to those comfortable enough to pull it off and the rest of us are trying to move these new styled trainers into our lives - that revolve around jeans, dresses and work clothes. Typically used more for fitness and physical activities trainers are designed for ultimate comfort over style. 

  • Pro’s 
    • On-trend
    • Comfortable and great for wearing when you need to get stuff done!
  • Con’s
    • On-trend… for now 
    • Activewear looks only 
    • Marketed to a younger market 

FUN FACT: In the UK trainers have many different names including creps, kicks, trainees, trabs, wheels, webs and spikes!

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In recent years sneakers have been sneaking (get it!) into our lives more and more. Whereas they may have formerly been seen only on the weekends or for very casual occasions, sneakers are now stepping into our work lives, our family occasions and our everyday. Gone are the days when a fresh crisp white sneaker would never be seen on a well-dressed woman. Having been around since the 1800’s with Keds being the first company to bring sneakers into our lives in a fashionable way. Sneakers can be the best style choice for a fun outfit or serious fashion statement. 

  • Pro’s 
    • Have become a mainstream fashion item suitable for any event (... even Kate Middelton wears sneakers to official royal appearances)
    • Easy to wear with dresses, pants, shorts, skirts - anything! 
    • Great range of styles colours and patterns available
  • Con’s
    • Everyone has a pair of sneakers! 

FUN FACT: Sneakers get their name due to the rubber sole being able to be walked in without creating any noise, giving the wearer the chance to ‘sneak in’ without being noticed.

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The winner is… 

Sneakers! Perfect for your everyday life, the persistence of the sneakers means that our feet are now happily wrapped in the comfort, style and versatility that is the sneaker. Wear your sneakers to work, on the weekends, to your kids after school activities, your yoga class, walking coffee catch-ups, to a night out with the girls. Literally, anywhere you can think of that you need to be wearing shoes you can grab your sneakers and feel comfortable and stylish. 

  • Style 

Being stylish is one of our number one priorities at Cammino. So when it came to designing a beautiful looking sneaker we took no shortcuts. We wanted to create a shoe that was easy to wear with classic styling so you get the most out of your stylish sneakers. The classic crisp white sneaker with a little flair is what makes the Cammino sneaker a great option. We use different colours and prints to add some flair and feminine edge to our sneakers to make sure we are ticking all the boxes when it comes to style. 

  • Comfort 

We know comfort like the Italians know high-end fashion! We take so much pride in our product development and getting the most comfortable outcome for your feet. Before starting Cammino our designer Katrina noticed herself, her friends and her family spent so much of their time wearing shoes that were stylish but uncomfortable. But she knew it didn’t have to be this way, so she launched Cammino with our foundation product  Ballet Flat Collection. Last year we expanded into sneakers with 6 gorgeous styles and on the design brief - comfort was on top of the list. 

  • Versatility 

Being able to grab a pair of sneakers out of your wardrobe to go with any outfit is such a plus when it comes to women and our busy lives. We want options when it comes to what we wear and the way we dress but wardrobe staples are a must for being able to pull this off. Sneakers are so versatile and can be worn with just about any outfit. Having a solid yet subtle sneaker (maybe with a touch of statement in the form of a colourful trim or lace detail!) is the best way to keep your wardrobe fresh yet minimal. There is no need for excess shoe options when you have your go-to sneakers that are so versatile they go with anything!

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The best women’s shoe 

At Cammino we pride ourselves on our product development which has always been about creating shoes for women that are not only comfortable but stylish, well worn and much loved. All our women's sneakers are hand made in Italy using high-quality materials and artisan shoemaking techniques. Designed in Melbourne, Cammino is a local family run business that connects with alocal family run business in Le Marche Italy known as the shoe valley. The best place in the world for beautifully made high-quality shoes! 

Creating the best women's sneakers and ballet flats for the busy woman is the basis of our shoe brand. Making long-lasting classic footwear you can have in your wardrobe season after season. Our women sneakers are made using the best quality softest leather and rubber soles so each pair is worn with love to many different occasions. Perfect for the weekend, the work week and everything else in between. Check out our best selling and our new styles in Camminos’sSneaker Collection

Our ballet flats and sneakers are made with love from go-to-whoa and we hope that you love to wear them as much as we love making them for you! 

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