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Are you looking to organise your shoe wardrobe? Wishing you had paid attention to the tips and tricks from all those social media videos you’ve been watching? Well good news, we have created an easy to follow guide on organising your shoe wardrobe and we are sharing it with you! 
Organising pantries, kids rooms, the garage and your shoe wardrobe is the new black, and we want to give you all the best ways to get started. Even the most organised tidy person can let their shoe collection get out of hand. It’s so easy to kick your shoes off at the end of the day and throw them in the cupboard. As long as you can’t see them then they dont bother you. Right?! Until the next morning when you are scrambling to get out the door and you can’t find the shoe you want! 
At Cammino we love to not only wear our shoes but admire how good they look! So we make sure our shoe wardrobes are organised which not only makes us adore our shoes even more, but makes choosing which pair to wear a piece of cake!


Get the most out of your shoe wardrobe with our top 9 ways to organise your shoe wardrobe! You’ll feel like Marie Kondo with an easy to use and clean shoe wardrobe. Not only will you feel like an organised superstar, you’ll love our quick and easy tips on how to go from a mess to a masterpiece! Let’s get started!



1. Use shoe boxes 

Shoeboxes are the best way to keep your shoes sorted, protected and organised. Especially our beautifully made shoeboxes. They are compact and sturdy and the perfect size for your favourite Cammino ballet flats! The best part is multiple pairs of foldable flats can be stored in a single shoebox giving you more room in your wardrobe. 

2. Sort shoes into categories 

Make sure you sort your shoes into categories for ease of position. Now this can be any way you wish - flats, sneakers, boots, sandals etc. The trick is to gorup shoes with similar shape and mass so they can easily be stored together. This will not only save space in your wardrobe but make it so much easier to find the exact pair of shoes you are looking for or give you options when trying to decide which pair to wear.

3. Add shelves or ladders 

If your storage is limited or you need to be able to stack the shoe boxes on top of each other, consider adding shelves or ladders into your wardrobe to give you levels for your shoes to be stored on. Place the shoes close together in pairs and for even more room top and tail your shoes.


4. Place lesser worn shoes on the highest shelf 

The shoes that you wear the least should go on the highest shelf so you’re not constantly reaching for your everydayballet flats orsneakers! Place high heels and those shoes you only ever wear on special occasions right at the top. It will make it even more exciting when you get them down. If you’re concerned about dust, use dust bags for extra protection.

5. Colour codes you shoes 

Not only is this super fun it will make your wardrobe look super stylish and coordinated. Once your shoes are categorised, place those categories in colour order. From darkest to lightest shades and then admie the organised rainbow of shoes beautifully lined up. 

6. Make DIY sandal holders out of coat hangers 

Check out these super cheap and easy sandal holders made from coat hangers. Simply grab some wire coat hangers and unhook the closed ends and bend the wire to create big hook like holders for the toe of the sandal. Twist the very end around on itself to avoid sharp edges and place the toe of the sandal across each of the hooks. Continue to create additional coat hanger holders to hang your sandals on.


7. Clean your leather and suede shoes first 

Before you start organising your shoes we suggest making sure your shoes are nice and clean. This will ensure you're not keeping old dirt and grime in your wardrobe. Check out our tips on how toclean your leather and suede shoes

8. Hang boots on pegs 

The best way to keep your boots organised, especially knee high or long boots. Sturdy pegs that can hold weight and length are best. If you have wire shelves use the edge to place the peg on and hang your boots lengthwise from the shelf. If you don't have wire shelves, you can use sturdy coat hangers to peg your boots on.

9. Rotate your shoe wardrobe every season 

When the new season arrives bring down your winter or summer shoes and have them on the easy to reach shelves. This way you’ll get the most out of your seasonal shoes and discover that you don’t need to buy a new pair of winter boots but perhaps you do need a new pair of Cammino ballet flats or sneakers! 

Organising your shoe wardrobe should be a fun and refreshing activity. Be sure to do this over a long weekend or when you have an easy day to yourself, as you’ll find you’ll need to pull all your shoes out of the wardrobe - initially making a mess! But after you’ve sorted into categories, colours and get on your way you’ll love your new organised clean shoe wardrobe. 

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