We are so excited to launch our newest range of sneakers because we know that if you are already a big fan of our ballet flats then you’ll love our new sneaker range. If you’re new to Cammino, then you should know we make beautiful luxury women's shoes you can wear every day! Crafted by hand in Italy and designed in Melbourne, Cammino is all about AMAZING quality. Each shoe is made from the very best carefully selected materials. We use the perfect combination of soft leather, the perfect fit and a stylish design to create ballet flats and sneakers you can wear from the office to the weekend and everything in between. 

Practicality and function are sometimes forgotten when it comes to shoe designs and no one wants to end the day with sore feet! So, at Cammino, we found a way to create shoes that are beautifully made, stylish and easy to wear. We exist to bring joy to the feet of busy women who can’t bear the day in heels.

The sneaker trend

Sneakers are a wardrobe staple and our classic designs mean you can wear our sneakers season after season. Sneakers have moved from a casual weekend shoe to one of the most worn styles today. From trousers to skirts, shorts or dresses sneakers can be worn with almost any outfit. The transition from a ‘sports’ or ‘active shoe’ to - off duty, over the last few years means sneakers are now part of our everyday shoe selection. Pair them with a smart casual work outfit or a loose-fitting weekend outfit, sneakers are set for almost any occasion. We love wearing our sneakers just as much as we love wearing our ballet flats, and you will too. 

Our sneakers marry the art of ancient artisan shoe making tradition with modern design. We have included bright colours, fun prints and some shiny metallics to brighten your mood or outfit. All brought together with a white base to contrast colours and textures of the leather pop. Easy to wear as a statement piece or to compliment a casual outfit, Cammino sneakers will fast become your everyday shoe. 

Why wear Cammino? 

At Cammino we take extra care to ensure that every shoe is made with love and from the finest leathers and suedes. Creating your own shoe brand is certainly every shoe lover's dream and developing new styles and improving our products is the best part. We want our shoes to be your trusty Go-To pair in your cupboard because you know they are always on-trend and comfy!  Like so many of our customers when you buy Cammino you buy for life. A Cammino collection is something you will always add to.

Here are our top 6 reasons to choose Cammino: 

Handmade in Italy 

All our Cammino shoes are handmade by artisan shoemakers from the Le Marche region of Italy. Our 3rd generation shoemakers use traditional methods to produce beautifully made shoes which proudly carry the Made In Italy stamp which is synonymous with superior quality. They also supply some of the leading brands all over the word.Their methods have been passed down generation to generation and that ensures that all our shoes are long-lasting, comfortable and best of all beautiful. 

Designed in Melbourne 

That’s right. Camminos may be made in Italy but the company was born right here in Melbourne. All our shoe designs are developed and produced by ourOwner/Founder Katrina, right from our Melbourne headquarters. Having noticed a gap in the market for an easy to wear well-made shoe that looks fabulous. Katrina set about starting a business while on maternity leave and then launched Cammino the week she found out she was pregnant with her second baby! She wears a lot of hats and juggles many balls but shoes are her passion and it comes through in every aspect of the business. She lives and breathers a passion for shoes and helping women choose the pair that brings them that moment of joy!

Unique designs

Not only are our sneakers comfortable and stylish, each design includes eclectic clashes of prints and vibrant colour ensuring we stand out from the rest. Bright details that make a statement or neutral prints you can wear with so many different outfits. Finding the right combination of colour and prints is all part of our ever-growing shoe development. The possibilities are endless but we take the lead from what our customers like best. Our first release of sneakers has been created with a little inspiration from our best-selling ballet flats styles. Using the colour and print combinations that are the most wearable and light up your day.

Slow fashion - small quantities 

At Cammino we support theslow fashion movement which champions a better way to produce clothes for the planet and the consumer. We use sustainable methods and produce in small quantities to reduce oversupply and waste. Fast fashion is where cheap materials, labour and shipping methods are used putting a big strain on the environment. Our shoemakers are third-generation artisan craftsmen who make every pair of Cammino in Italy. Each pair is cut and sewn by hand with only 22 pairs produced per day. Each shoemaker is passionate about producing well-made shoes and they do so with pride. Fair works standards and high-quality materials mean all Camminos are a long-lasting shoe that you will wear season after season. 

High-quality materials

Like our ballet flats, each of our sneaker designs is made from the softest leather, and we have worked hard to provide an extra cushioned sole for optimal comfort. We know how important the quality of our materials is to the end product. This includes the design process, to the shoemaking and of course any fabrics and material used to create our women’s sneakers and ballet flats. Even our shoeboxes are great quality and can be repurposed in so many different ways. Find out more in our blog:11 Ways to Upcycle your Cammino Shoebox

Comfortable and stylish 

Always. Comfort and style are what Cammino is all about. So ensuring our sneakers were both of these things was top of the list. Our ballet flats are always stylish and comfortable and we want everyone to enjoy wearing Camminos. From the office to the weekend, a casual night out or a walk around the city - whatever you're doing or wherever you're going Cammino’s make sure you get there looking great and without sore feet! Not only are our women's shoes handmade in Italy, but they are also super comfy. Creating shoes that are both comfortable and stylish is the basis of all our shoes.

As we get set to release our first styles in the sneaker range we can’t help but get excited about having a brand new range of shoes that our customers will love. As women’s sneakers keep stepping up the most popular shoe list we wanted to be able to share a fun and fabulous looking women's sneaker that was well made and easy to wear. From a casual workplace outfit to the school pick up or heading out on the weekends for brunch. Make your sneaker statement in a pair of Camminos! 

Whether you love our ballet flats, sneakers or both! At Cammino we want you to love wearing our shoes every day! Finding the perfect pair for you is easy with our 20 styles of ballet flats and new sneaker range. Great prints, fun colour combinations and easy to wear women’s ballet flats and sneakers from Cammino.