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Cammino Handmade Italian Leather Flats - Read Our Story

Cammino flats are designed in Melbourne and expertly crafted in the region of Le Marche, Italy. This region, also known as ‘la Valle della Scarpa’ (the Shoe Valley), is where modern shoe-making was invented. Centuries of knowledge have been passed from generation to generation creating a hub of innovative shoe production supplying the most beautiful and well-made shoes across the globe.

Its here in the town of Fermo, a family of 3rd generation shoemakers, make our shoes from the finest soft leather.

Cammino (Italian for ‘to walk’) was born from a belief that life is an adventure to be lived to the full. Australian Designer Katrina Verso found herself surrounded by family and friends with busy lives, but with shoes either beautiful but impractical, or functional but unfashionable.

Katrina saw a need for a pair of comfortable and stylish flats, made with the quality and flair found only in Italy. A shoe that fit snugly in your bag to slip-on for the journey home from work, racing between meetings, picking up the kids, or dancing the night away.

The Cammino flat was created from this vision. Designed with an inner sole that moulds to your foot for immediate comfort and made from soft Italian leather, these are shoes that look as good as they feel on your feet.

Life is an adventure, walk it your way.

Owner of Cammino Shoes  Handmade Italian Leather Flats