Looking at booking a holiday? Or have agreed to go on this year’s work conference? We’ve got the best tips for managing how you travel for both work and play!

Whether your travelling for work or finally getting some vacay vibes getting from A to B can be time consuming, stressful and worst of all uncomfortable. Good travel or bad travel, the key to making it to your destination in one piece is being organised. Give yourself plenty of time, research where you need to be and stay safe.

Types of travel and how to do them like a Boss!

Cammino women's ballet flats


Obviously, the best kind of travel is the leisurely kind. Going on holiday, out with friends or for a cheeky weekend away! Leave your makeup at home and pack a pair of sunnies. Enjoy being in the moment and stay off Facebook!

Women's flat shoes - Cammino


If you’re in your car, catching PT or jumping on a plane you want to look professional but also you need to be ‘on point’. Spiritually and physically. Go for an outfit you’ve worn before, that is comfortable yet stylish and never wear in a pair of heels. Make sure your bag is packed the night before and contains a pair of flat shoes, face wipes, lip balm and headphones… so you can avoid having to chat to your drone photography enthusiast colleague.

Flat shoes for commuters


Rushing from home to work and everything in between (happy hour!) can be hard work. Running in heels is less fun than forgetting to pack your sports bra in your gym bag. Give your feet a rest while you’re driving, your’re on the train or riding your bike. Have your Cammino foldable flats in your bag so you can slide them on whenever you need!

Ultimate Travel Checklist

  1. Pack light - If you’re travelling to work or on an international adventure make sure you only have what you need. Like those harem pants you bought online last year, while you were going through your Yoga phase (... that you’ve never even worn) - you don't need them! Pack light and only the minimal, this way you won’t end up at the Chiropractor!
  2. Spend extra money on staying safe - Take an uber instead of the public transport if you’re somewhere unfamiliar. Book a hotel with good reviews and an extra star and always invest in a portable phone charger. Whatever it is that makes you just that little bit safer, do it!
  3. Check the weather - Knowing what to expect from the weather is key to life/outfit/wine tour planning. Be prepared and dress appropriately. Don't carry around a unnecessary winter coat or freeze in a belly top and a pair of shorty short. Open your phone right now and download the BOM app if you haven’t already! Go on - right now!
  4. Don’t over share - Even if you’re just going away for a few hours or days, be careful what information you share on your socials, as you never know who could be looking! It could be your friend you lied to about not being able to go to her kids school play or someone dodgy who could potentially take advantage of you or your home. You are not a travel blogger, so keep some things to yourself.
  5. Comfortable footwear - Flat shoes are the best chuck out the rest! Just kidding (...kinda!). Having the right shoes for getting around is essential to having a good time. Sore feet stop you from doing that extra tourist activity or hanging around to network with clients. Wear a shoe that will keep you going all day or pack a pair of Camminos!

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