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blue leather foldable ballet flats

Got the Winter Blues? Well a pair of blue shoes will cure that. Read on to learn how best to pair them this winter...

As he cold sets in are you dreaming of a world before Covid that allowed us to jump on a plane to wherever the sun was shining?

Is it making you cold, sluggish and low in motivation? Yes, us too. Well we’ve got good news! We’ve found a way to change the winter blues into something fun, plus get your touch of European luxury!

Cammino Shoes in all the Blues

Outfit anxiety happens to the best of us and sometimes all you need is someone else to say ‘wear that top with those shoes’. In your heart you already know it works but there is nothing wrong with a little encouragement. Here we’ve selected 3 looks, for you to use as a guide, to perfectly match our Cammino ‘Marina’ navy womens’ flats  or 'Azura' cobalt blue with an outfit that will easily rival a European summer backdrop! 

Weekend nave women's ballet flats


Relaxed high waisted pant with a crisp white tee says: ‘I’m cool, I’m relaxed but I’m not paying for your Uber just because you wore heels Susan!’


Mean business in this navy blue pants suit. We love the pearl detail for a bit of feminine flair and a pair of flats means you can get from meetings to the bar quicker than everyone else.


Find a maxi dress in the back of your wardrobe. Put on a denim jacket, a pair of earrings and your navy flats. Even your Mum will think you’ve made an effort for Sunday lunch… ?!


Colour Palette

Pairing our ‘Marina’ navy women’s flats with any outfit is super easy. The obvious choice of colour coordination for navy blue is white. It’s simple classic and always a winner. But what else goes well with navy blue?


Have fun playing around with different blues and create a cool calming presence without being completely matchy-matchy.


We all know the saying ‘blue and green should never be seen!’ but that’s not true. Teal has a blue base which really compliments the strong blue colour.


Tan wardrobe staples are the best thing since leather jackets came back in! Being a neutral shade, tan goes so well with lots of colours.


You’ll be surprised how often a brown accessory is worn once you start looking. Add a little bit of brown to your outfit with shoes or a belt and then layer tan accessories for even more detail.


Slip on a pair of blue Camminos with your favouriteWinter Blues outfit and get out and about. Enjoy being comfortable while you watch your boyfriend/kids/unappreciative brother play weekend sport. Impress everyone at a family get together or friends dinner party. Or best of all you could be sipping an aperol spritz inside the Pub on a Sunday afternoon wearing your Cammino leather foldable ballet flats.

Amalfi who?!