How to make this the best year yet!
December 14th is the most popular day of December for Aussie office Christmas parties! Every capital city in the country will be celebrating hard, in the best possible way, with lots of tinsel and prosecco! Be prepared for barefoot bowls or a dress up theme and plan for a greasy breakfast or mini hangover the following day. We too will be celebrating a fantastic year for us at Cammino and we thought we’d share our tips on making this years office Christmas party the best yet!
We all know the rules! Drink lots of water and don’t tell your boss about the time you took a sickie to binge watch the Gilmore Girl reboot. Basically, keep it classy and have a good time. But there’s so much more to enjoying yourself at the Christmas party. So take the chance to show your colleagues you’re fun and good at your job!
Here’s our top tips to make the best office Christmas party!
Talk to someone new
After you and the work wife have done the once over of the canapes, it’s time to part ways and go and say ‘Hi’ to the intern, the quiet achiever and the grumpy bloke in accounts! Branch out and meet someone new. Or start up a conversation with the people you usually try to avoid in the tea room. You never know what you might learn about them!
Hit the dance floor
If you know all the dance moves to Drake’s ‘In my feelings’ now is the time to bring them out. Every Christmas party ends up somewhere with a dance floor so embrace your inner dancer and let it go. If you’re lost for dance moves then hit the factory reset button and your default setting will be the Nutbush! Slide on a pair of Cammino’s and you’ll be dancing all night long!
Wear a festive outfit
The best way to get into the festive spirit is to dress like you mean it. Wear a Christmas colour palette and accessorize so much you’ll make the trees jealous! Commit to the theme and you can pull anything off. Add a little bit of sparkle and glitter for the icing on the rum soaked Christmas fruit cake!
Get home safe
If you’re hitting up a brand new venue make sure you do a quick search of the area so you know where you’re going to be. Check out the public transport situation or be prepared to get a taxi or uber home. Be sure to have a pair of Cammino’s in your bag ready to slip on as soon as your start your commute home.
Perfect for the festive season as they will top of your festive outfit and make you shine from the outside in! Get the best kind of Christmas shine with a pair of sparkly flats from the Cammino Sparkle Collection.