“I can’t believe my baby is turning one! Although this year has flown by, it occurred to me this week that the idea for Cammino really started a long time ago. You see for me, I’ve always loved an adventure. From a local trip or project, to turning a small idea into a business, I love soaking in all the detail of the journey. Having this thirst for adventure means I try my best to avoid anything that might slow me down or stop me from getting the most out of an experience. Like, sore feet. I never want to leave the party early, or be one of those sneaker wearing commuters. Don’t get me wrong, I love heels! But found they were slowing me down and I knew there were more adventures to be had! 
Little did I know, this adventure would be my most exciting and rewarding journey. 
Discovering I was not alone in my hunt for stylish, versatile and comfortable shoes made me realise I wanted to create a shoe that was all of those things. These shoes also needed to be well made and I wanted to be able to carry them in my bag so I could slip them on whenever I fancied. 
So, I got to work.
First thing was creating a shoe that women wanted to wear. They needed to be high quality, functional and fashionable and if I wouldn’t wear it I wasn’t going to make it. Then I ventured to a region of Italy named Le Marche, or as the locals call it: The Shoe Valley. This is where modern shoe making was invented and centuries of knowledge has been passed on from generation to generation. I met a family of 3rd generation shoemakers, in the town of Fermo, and had the first pair of Camminos made. This was a big moment, as I saw all my hard work right there is the shoe. But this was really just the beginning. 
Since then the Cammino family has grown into 5 collections and 14 styles. Each named after a stylish Italian lady, with a beautiful meaning reflecting both the shoe and her personality. 
There have been so many hurdles and European sized mountains along the way. But the journey and creation of Cammino Shoes has been such a great adventure and one that I’m very proud and thankful to have created. 
So thank you for being a part of the Cammino community. I hope you enjoy taking on each day while wearing your Cammino’s and remember: 
Life is an adventure, walk it your way.”
Katrina, Founder xo