Spring Racing Carnival is almost here so that means getting to know the form guide, trying to get marquee tickets and of course finding an outfit.
… Actually, it’s mainly about the outfit!
While everyone has their own strategy for placing a bet, not everyone has a plan on making it through the day.
So, we’ve developed a plan for aRace Day Must-Do Checklist. Follow our list and you’ll be able to enjoy Spring Racing Carnival and make it to the final race.
Race Day Must-Do Checklist
Stay hydrated
No one wants to be that girl who ends up on the news, featuring in the montage of drunk people, rolling on the lawn and hiding in rubbish bins. Have a water for every alcoholic drink and stay out of the sun if possible.  
Take public transport or book a ride
Ubers and taxi’s are hard to get at the track so make sure you either book ahead and confirm a time and place for your pickup. Or take public transport, it’s cheaper and also it’s going to be a lot faster.
Set a gambling limit
Take out a set amount of cash from the ATM in the morning and then keep that as your betting money. Once you’ve spent all of the money that’s it. Hold on to any winnings and go out for dinner or shout your friends to a fancy bottle of bubbles.
Look after your mates
Keep an eye on your mates and stick together. There is nothing worse than being lost in a big crowd. Go to the bathroom in 2’s and make sure you all have some food before you head to the track.
Take flat shoes
We’ve all been guilty of taking off our shoes at the end of a big night. But, at the race track there is often wet or muddy grass, empty bottles and other kinds of nasties you don’t not want on the bottom of your feet. Have a pair of foldable Cammino flats in your purse and you’ll be dancing from the track to the after party. Or home to a cup of tea and bowl of pasta.
women wearing leather ballet flats

Spring Racing is one of the best ways to bring in the new season and get out and about with friends and family. Race days have something for everyone so if you’re not really into the horse race it doesn’t matter. Go for the fancy food, cocktails, fashion on the fields and fun!

Stay safe, plan for a big day and follow theRace Day Must-Do Checklist. That way you’ll make it all the way through the day, in one piece!

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