A Beautiful Life!

Why we love Italy and all it has to offer!
Italy has given us luxury fashion, amazing pasta and Aperol fuelled vacays providing an envious social media feed. It’s no wonder we dream of spending the summer on the Amalfi coast dripping in a designer outfit while swirling pasta and sipping on a spitz!
We can’t get enough of this beautiful place, their way of life and the beautiful dreams they produce.
Italy is the place of honeymoons, backpacking adventures and cruise ships full of grey nomads who are all more than happy to soak up the beauty and delicious culture Italy has to offer. So why wait for an excuse to bury yourself in an European lifestyle?!
Check out our favourite things about the home of our handcrafted Italian leather ballet flats.
From pasta to pizza and every tiramisu covered bowl in between, there is always something new to discover in Italy. Each town is known for its own culinary delights and although they are all sensational, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the difference in taste from town to town. Using simple, fresh and few ingredients is the way to an Italian’s heart and any Nonna will tell you, the older the recipe the better it is!
Fancy spending a summer on a yacht in Capri? Discovering the history of some of the world's oldest architecture? Or eating your way through a county of carbohydrates and cheese? Yes please, where do we sign up? There is so much to discover on this small boot shaped paradise! Even if you it’s your only trip or you have been multiple times, Italy will never disappoint. Finding a hidden cafe or a beautiful landscape is always only one step away.
Attention to detail, high quality products and expert craftsmanship is what makes Italian fashion among the best in the world. Apart from the lavish and decadent designs, Italian fashion makers are known for their world class craftsmanship. Our Camminos are handcrafted in Italy by expert shoemakers who ensure every shoe is made with love. Our shoemakers only use high quality soft leather and because the skill is passed down to each generation experience is never compromised.
For us, Italy will forever be the place where the dream of Cammino came to life. For others Italy is where they found their love or the true meaning of the saying: ‘When in Rome…’
Whatever it is you love about Italy, there is always a reason to rediscover their beautiful way of life.