Our handmade Italian foldable flats are not only comfortable and stylish but also made with expert craftsmanship and are part of the slow fashion movement.
Slow Fashion is all about the process in which fashion is produced. From sourcing materials to labour conditions and the impact on our environment. Just like the food industry, fashion is following a sustainable ethically produced movement. Which means buying better quality products and being aware of how and where they are made.
Instead of using cheap synthetic fabrics and sweatshops in underprivileged countries creators of fashion are reverting back to the times when we bought clothes to last. Fashion that becomes a piece of your memory stitched together by all the amazing adventures you’ve experienced whilst wearing your favourite shoes. Or even a piece so wonderful you’re able to turn it into a hand me down your kids or grandkids will love. When you buy slow fashion you’re buying a product that lasts longer and best of all you put fair treatment of people, animals and the planet first.
At Cammino we have embraced the slow fashion movement and we are feel fabulous in knowing our much loved shoemakers have a comfortable working environment with fair treatment. Afternoon naps and a diet of pasta, wine and tiramisu sounds pretty good to us!
Slow fashion benefits both the consumer the and the community. By reducing the demand for fast fashion we give ourselves a wardrobe full of great quality long lasting clothes, bags and shoes. The labourers are treated to fair pay, better working conditions and the world's resources are given a little break and a big hug.
You’ll usually find slow fashion brands in local boutiques, or online. You might also notice their style ranges are fewer and updated each season with small additions. This is no accident! Slow fashion brands are mindful of holding large quantities of stock and work hard to keep their excess to a minimum. So if you shop local and take the time to look closely at the brands you buy, slow fashion will soon become part of your Instagram feed and your life!
For Cammino, ensuring our customers receive high quality, well made shoes they loveis our daily mission. So we ensure our Italian shoemakers are happy. We make sure our materials are sourced using ethical methods. But most of all we make sure Camminos are part of the slow fashion movement.