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We love high heels, but they are not always the most comfortable or functional footwear choice. They also require a lot of training and once you stop wearing them consistently it is hard for your feet to then adjust to the height when you do wear them and you end up with sore blistered feet! So instead of subscribing to the idea that ‘all women must wear high heels’ find the beauty, comfort and style in women's flat shoes. 

At Cammino we know all about the struggle between loving a pair of high heels and being able to wear them practically. That’s why we made it our mission to design themost comfortable women’s sneakers and leather foldable ballet flats, that also looked good! Instead of walking around all day in uncomfortable high heels or flat shoes that are super daggy, we merged the two best factors of comfort and style to create a beautifully made shoe that women would be happy to wear all day. To and from the office, out to dinner or on the weekends, or wherever it is you need to go! Once we had designed the perfect flat shoe we knew that we wanted them crafted by hand by Italian shoe-making experts in the region of the world where modern shoe-making was invented. A hub of innovative shoe design, supplying top brands all over the world and carrying with the “Made in Italy’ stamp.


Our shoemakers follow ancient shoe-making craft and only produce 23 pairs a day. We are dedicated to supporting this tradition and the slow fashion movement.

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We don’t believe your shoe choice should be limited just because you have decided that heels are no longer for you. That’s why at Cammino we love to celebrate colour, prints and textures, so we can provide collections of Italian leather flat shoes that bring joy to your feet.

So, if you’re looking to buy leather ballet flats or women’s sneakers in Australia then check out Cammino’s great collection of Italian ballet flats and sneakers. Choose from any of our 29 styles, with a range of different colours and print combinations to make the perfect feminine high heel alternative. Leave behind your days of high heel and sore feet and get yourself a pair of Camminos today! 

Check out how our sneakers are made and the journey of a new shoe style from ourfounder and shoe designer Katrina

Discover the best high heel shoe alternative with any of our beautiful Italian handmade Italian ballet flats and sneakers and say goodbye to heels forever and hello to great women's Italian leather shoes!

Bold Colours

Discover a pop of colour and a pep in your step with any of these bold colours from our Classic Collection. 

Oriana - yellow leather that will instantly boost your energy levels and make you feel like you are walking on sunshine! OurRufina - red leather flats go perfectly with a bold red lip and a day date with yourself or anywhere else where you really want to be the centre of attention. Also, nothing says ‘I love leather ballet flats!’ like theAzura - cobalt blue. As the colour of positivity and confidence wear these blue babes instead of a heel and not only will you be comfortable but bold and vibrant.

yellow foldable ballet flats

red foldable ballet flats

blue foldable ballet flats


Never leave the house in a pair of boring old regular shoes again with these beautiful Italian leather foldable ballet flats from our Print Collection. 

Elda leopard print foldable ballet flat is the warrior of all women’s shoes and will become yourquintessential wardrobe staple. If you’re looking for a neutral shoe that will increase your wardrobe options tenfold thenAlberta snakeskin is for you. So versatile, yet a stylish different print for every day or a fun night out. The magical monochrome combination of ourZia zebra print is not only one of our best sellers but also one of our head office favourites!  


zebra print foldable ballet flats

snakeskin foldable ballet flats

zebra print ballet flats


Shine bright like a diamond with the shimmer and shine from our Sparkle Collection. 

Our best selling sparkleFebe- is all about silver sparkle and nothing else. Wear these season after season and be the brightest of women wherever you go. Or move away from the basic black Italian ballet flat and add that little bit extra with theMilagra - Black and Silver Glitter. Subtle yet noticeable the glittering speck woven into the material makes these fun yet sophisticated. For something, a little different choose ourTiffania - pink floral sparkle, full of colour and an unexpected boost of feminism to any day.

Best Sellers 

Discover which styles are always being restocked and flying off our shelves! 

Not only is the Albawhite ballet flat great for a casual day in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt but the ultimate wedding day shoe! The crisp white leather makes a great dress up or down high heel alternative. This blush pink babe is absolutely one of our top sellers - the Ladonna - is neutral femininity at its best. Every woman needs a go-to pair of black flat shoes and the Urbana - classic black is not only a lifesaver in high heel emergencies but she’s your best friend who will be with you every step of the way!


So not only are ballet flats are a comfortable feminine alternative to flat shoes but sneakers are an ongoing shoe trend that is always making its way into everyday fashion. Gone are the days where you only wore sneakers with running shorts, now you will see sneakers in the office, at a bar or on the runway. At Cammino we design out women’s sneakers in Australia and make them in Italy for the best combination of style and comfort. 

If you’re struggling to decide between the sparkle and the print ballet flats then go with theFermo - Zebra and pink metallic sneaker and get them all in one perfectly comfortable women’s flat shoe. Our Portofino sneaker is all ‘business at the front and party in the back’. With the neutral white and cappuccino, lace trim and a pop of yellow heel trim this unexpected colour combo make these great for a stylish Summers dress! Or if adventure is what you want then grab a pair ofCollodi- cream and fuschia with snake pattern lace trim for a bold yet subtle women’s flat. 


With so many great alternatives to high heels, you’ll wonder why you ever put yourself through the pain of suffering through a day of uncomfortable footwear. Step into a pair of Camminos and never compromise on style or comfort, and you’ll notice how much you enjoy wearing flat shoes. With so many colours and textures to choose from your only problem will be knowing which pair to try first! 

Find your perfect pair of flat shoes for every day or a special occasion with any of our great women’s flat shoes.