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Looking to buy a pair of shoes online? But wondering how you choose your shoe size when online shopping? Use our  fail safe guide to buying the perfect shoe size online! 

Online shopping ‘fails’ happen all the time but making sure you order the right shoe size should never be a problem. With a couple of simple checks and quick tips, we can help you get the right size shoe every time. 

There is nothing worse than finding the perfect pair of women’s ballet flats or sneakers online, patiently waiting for the delivery driver to arrive only to discover you’ve ordered the wrong size! You have a beautiful pair of handmade Italian shoes and you can’t wear them! So you box them back up, send them away and wait for the right size to arrive on your doorstep. This could all be avoided if you just knew the best way to know your shoe size when shopping online! 

At Cammino we get asked 'How do you choose your shoe size when online shopping?’ all the time. So here is our quick and simple guide to making sure you never have to bother with a size return ever again! 

There are a few simple checks you can make before ordering online to ensure that the size will be correct.

  1. When shopping for shoes try and order them in your 'normal' shoe size, not one size up  as this may cause problems with fit. If you have a wider foot or usually a half size then you should go up a half a size.
  2. When using a size conversion chart always measure your foot in centimetres and not inches as the conversion charts are based on this metric. For example, an Australian shoe size of 38 is equivalent to a European 39 or US 11. Inches can vary depending on who you ask so it's best to just stick with centimetres.
  3. When buying a new brand of shoes always make sure you measure your foot to determine the size if you are buying shoes online. While shoe brands all use a similar sizing chart, there will be some slight differences from brand to brand. 


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How to choose the right shoe size for ballet flats 

All our women's ballet flats should fit firmly to start with. They will give a little and loosen up with wear as a result of soft calf leather used in the upper sole. If your measurement is between sizes, we recommend you select the larger size. 

Our ballet flats are designed for maximum comfort and the elasticated edge will help your foot fit into the shoe perfectly. Don’t worry if you have a wide foot or a narrow fit the ballet flat will mould to your foot like a sock and fit comfortably around your foot regardless of the shape. The rubber sole is flexible which allows some movement in the base of the shoe also. Cammino women's ballet flats can be worn with an orthotic insole, but we recommend ordering the size up from your usual size if you would like to insert an insole.

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How to choose the right shoe size for sneakers 

Cammino sneakers have much more room than a ballet flat. Our women's sneakers can be true to size or a half-size smaller and we recommend the latter if you wear orthotics with your sneakers. As with our ballet flats, our women's sneakers can be worn with an orthotic insole also. 

Our sneakers are the ultimate stylish womens sneakers and have been designed to fit comfortably so you can wear them day after day. Find your perfect fit by measuring the length of your foot and checking against a sizing chart to ensure you have the right shoe size according to the measurements.

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Tips to find your foot length and shoe size:

  1. Stand on a level surface with your heels against a straight edge or wall.
  2. Place a ruler on the floor beside the inside of your foot from heel to toe. 
  3. Position an object with a flat edge across the tip of your longest toe.
  4. Your foot length measurement (in centimetres) is where the flat edge crosses the ruler.

Length (cm)










EU Sizes










US Sizes











Check out our Size Guide for more information.

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If you do purchase the incorrect size we are happy to do a complimentary exchange on any pair of shoes you purchase from the Cammino online store. If the sizing is incorrect we will simply exchange the shoe in the correct size. For any returns, we are happy to make a full refund on products purchased, within 14 days as long as the shoes are in “as new” condition, have not been worn or altered in any way and are in the original packaging and shoe box.

Please read over ourShipping and Returnspolicy for more info. 

If you follow these tips when shopping online we guarantee everything will fit perfectly and there'll be no need for any return postage fees! 

You can also find some more advice on how to wear your Camminos from our library of blogs including‘Ballet flats Vs Loafers’ Camminos’ and ‘7 new ways to style your Camminos’. 

So now you have an idea on how to choose the right size Camminos it’s time to start shopping. 

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Born in Melbourne and made in Italy, all our Camminos are handmade by artisan shoemakers using the best quality materials with excellent craftsmanship. Our shoemakers only produce 23 pairs per day, so every pair of shoes in the Cammino family are made with love. We support the slow fashion movement by keeping our stock levels low to ensure we are not ordering excessive stock which contributes to unnecessary waste. 

Our designs are stylish and easy to wear for any day and any occasion. Dress them up or down and wear them to work, on the weekends and everything in between. Our foldable ballet flats are designed to be stored in your bag and taken on the go and our sneakers bring together the best of comfort and style for fresh modern footwear. We love to create beautiful designs combining different colours, prints and materials that our customers love to wear. The only difficult thing is choosing which pair is your favourite!

With a wide range of women's ballet flats and sneakers discover your favourite pairs from our collections. Step into your new pair of perfectly fitting Cammino ballet flats or sneakers today!


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