Whether your travelling for work or finally getting some vacay vibes getting from A to B can be time consuming, stressful and worst of all uncomfortable. Good travel or bad travel, the key to making it to your destination in one piece is being organised. Give yourself plenty of time, research where you need to be and stay safe.



    Got the Winter Blues? We’ve got the answer to beating outfit anxiety and avoiding Netflix and chill marathons!

    Are you jealous of everyone posting their European summer vacay photos? Is it making you feel cold and hungry? Yeah, us too. Well we’ve got good news! We’ve found a way to change the winter blues into something fun, European and just as gorgeous.

    Get the Winter Blues

    Outfit anxiety happens to the best of us and sometimes all you need is someone else to say ‘wear that top with those shoes’. In your heart you already know it works but there is nothing wrong with a little encouragement. Here we’ve selected 3 looks, for you to use as a guide, to perfectly match our Cammino ‘Marina’ navy womens’ flats with an outfit that will easily rival a European summer backdrop!  


    For many years, there has been an unspoken rule that women have abided by – that beauty is pain. Plucking, primping, adorning clothes and accessories that are uncomfortable, reducing calories, expending calories – all in the name of looking the part. 

    One such unspoken rule lies in our adoration of high heels. Colourful, classy and sky-high – you’d be hard-pressed to find a woman who hasn’t fallen madly in love with the same pair of heels she’s found cursing a few hours later.

    So how does wearing the humble high heel effect our health physically, and can we find a happy medium? 

    Love them or loathe them – there are some seriously grim stats to take note of when it comes to donning your favourite pair of spikes, day in and day out. 

    Matt Dilnot, board director of the Australian Podiatry Association, Victoria, says “Walking in high heels puts approximately two tonnes of force on the ball of the foot and heel with every step, instead of an even distribution across the foot. In addition, the compression force on the knee joints when wearing high heels increases by 23 per cent compared to bare feet”.

    “Although there is no defined height, the opinion is that the higher the heel, the more potentially damaging the shoe is to foot and body posture. Anything over 2.5cm can cause problems, but the consensus is that shoes should never be worn with heels higher than six centimetres. Six centimetres and above is pretty much where everyone is going to suffer problems, even if you only wear them for two-to-four hours,” he says.

    While us fashionistas may equate a pair of aching feet to an average day at the office, we also need to be aware that that’s not all we need to worry about, with the likelihood of developing bunions or clawed feet significantly rising with each day you don your favourite Manolo Blahnik’s. 

    Neil J. Cronin, a postdoctoral researcher at the Musculoskeletal Research Program at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia, advises to try, if possible, to reduce the hours you spend in sky-high stilettos. While wearing heels “once or twice a week,” he says is acceptable, attempting to “remove the heels whenever possible, such as when you’re sitting at your desk” can also help to alleviate long-term effects on your calf muscles and tendons. 

    In more recent years, we have seen women opting to bring a flat to change into to make it through big events such as the races and weddings. Likewise in the office, we are seeing more and more women opt for flats to get the most out of their day. 

    Along with the relaxation of the corporate workplace, women are finding that a comfortable flat like the Cammino range will more than suffice when complimenting a corporate getup. You can check out our awesome casual chic guide to workwear wardrobes here.

    There is no shame in admitting that, as women, we have often found ourselves putting our physical wellbeing behind our understanding of the fashion status quo. We are, however, smart cookies. We’ve seen the trends changing, even among the hottest celebs on the red carpet as noted recently in The Age, and we’re fluid in our acceptance of what’s hot and what’s not. 

    So there you have it ladies – while we love a gorgeous pair of heels when the mood strikes us, it’s all about balance (pardon the pun!) when it comes to your tootsies. If you are on the hunt for a beautiful pair of comfortable and stylish flats that’ll fit snugly in your bag to slip-on for the journey home from work, racing between meetings, picking up the kids, or dancing the night away, you can find our Cammino range here.



    Your wedding day is fast approaching, and the excitement of your big day is tangible. The table settings are organised, your dress has been tailored, the RSVP’s are beginning to fill your letterbox.

    Your wedding day is going to be etched into your memory forever. Each and every finer detail has been thought about with eagerness and vigour and you are ready to spend your special day with your nearest and dearest, celebrating the love you have found in your significant other.

    Be sure that your day goes off without a hitch and celebrate in comfort (and style!) with our essential tips to alleviating stress on you and your husband-to-be throughout your nuptials.

    1. Outsource, outsource, outsource!
    This one may sound a little obvious, but there could be unexpected variables to your day that you might not have anticipated.
    • Having the photographer to your home to stage pre-wedding photos?
    Organise for a cleaner to come through the afternoon before so that you don’t have a sudden panic that you haven’t emptied the dirty dishes from the kitchen sink.

    • Providing your own floral centrepieces for your reception tables? Have your florist deliver them directly to your venue and prompt the staff on how you’d like them to be displayed.

    • Need to feed your bridal party prior to saying your vows?
    Remember, this day is more of a marathon than a sprint, so let your well-intentioned mum or aunty whip up her famous finger food platters to appease the masses and ensure you all have the energy to get through the day and night in one piece.

    If there are any jobs that you can allocate for today, do not be shy in asking. Your friends and family will want to help you, even if they aren’t sure exactly what to do. Avoid disappointment by being very clear in your explanations and try to relax in the knowledge that someone else is in charge of that task for today.

    2. Stay comfortable
    You have found an exquisite dress, sourced beautifully matching heels, had your hair styled and makeup perfected. You look a million dollars. But the day is long ladies. It’ll start early in the wee hours of the morning when your flock of bridesmaids arrive for a pampering session and it won’t end until tipsy Uncle Joe is finally ready to part with his sherry and leave the reception. You are in for the long game, so it is wise to make arrangements to be as comfortable as possible.

    We suggest the simplest way to do this is to discreetly slip into a pair of gorgeously comfortable leather flats in place of your sky-high heels once you are seated at your bridal party table for speeches. Your guests won’t even notice that you’ve switched from your heels to your flats as your dress will do most of the work in hiding your costume change, but we promise you that your toes certainly will. While heels are an absolutely gorgeous addition to your gown, most podiatrists recommend only wearing them for a few hours at a time, so switching to an elegant and comfortable pair of Cammino’s Clara flats will see you able to meet and greet your guests, dance to your hand-picked music playlist and run off into the sunset with your hubby with grace and ease. Clara’s soft Italian leather is malleable enough to stow away secretly in your purse and will offer much needed respite to your toes and arches after a full day in heels.

    3. Take time to connect with your partner.
    An especially valuable piece of advice for every Bride and Groom is to remember to take time to connect with each other amidst the sea of planning, nuptials and ceremony. Try taking some time away with each other to look back at your crowd of guests, escape to a private room or balcony for a few minutes just to hold hands and chat, and try to create memorable moments where it is just the two of you. Practicing this kind of mindfulness on such a chaotic day is a sure fire way to create lifelong memories of the day you’ve been dreaming of for years.

    You have spent an immeasurable amount of time and energy ensuring that your wedding day is perfect – the guest list, the flowers, the menus and the first dance have all been carefully considered. And armed with our tips, you can have the best possible time at the biggest event of your lifetime.