#supportingsistersinbiz series  

Tell us about your biz and the inspo behind it?

Lacuna Agency is a strategic brand and partnerships agency, that transforms vision into reality. With a holistic outlook on brand and an insight first approach, Lacuna challenges the ordinary combining strategic consumer thinking, brand ideation and partnerships to curate the ultimate brand pathway.

Our inspiration to start the business started as we felt there was a void in the Australian market when it came to passion and understanding of bringing brands to life.  From there, we evolved the business to  provide insight and actionable direction for brands and businesses to have greater meaning with their consumers.

What is coming up for Lacuna Agency ?

I think many people went into 2020 with a “let’s do this year, this decade different” mindset and unfortunately the current situation has everyone struggling with the now, let alone what is next.

We are excited to work with our current and (possibly) new clients on how to navigate through this challenging time and also what success can look like once this situation is over.

Biggest piece of advice for other women
starting out in biz?

It is hard to stop at one because we have learnt so much since starting Lacuna.

First and foremost, have faith in yourself. Doubt is a dream killer and most of the time it isn’t warranted so trust in your ability.

Secondly, get a bookkeeper - whilst you might be good with numbers, it can be very tedious and that takes away from time you could be spending on the core business offering.

Lastly, but make sure you celebrate the wins.  We never did this when we started out but have since realised how important this is as it provides inspiration to keep achieving and delivering success.

What is your biz doing to weather the Covid 19 storm?

You can only control what you can control and that is what we are currently doing.

Lisa Messenger gave some great advice saying “be careful what you watch and who you listen to. Don’t buy into the drama and stay level headed. Buckle in, bunker down and make this time to strategise. Get on the front foot, cut costs wherever you can and be ready to go on the other side” and we have been taking all of this on board.

We have also spent our downtime helping other small businesses because if everyone pays it forward, then hopefully we will all come out the other side unscathed.

What do you do to unwind/favourite hobby?

I love Pilates and I have realised that as much as I love the exercise, it is also being part of a community.  That is probably one of the biggest things I have struggled with over this time because normally if I am stressed, I would attend a Pilates class and automatically feel better.

There are some great businesses doing online classes so I am starting them this week because it is very easy to forget about exercise during a crisis like this and we all know how beneficial it is for our mental health.

What’s your self-care routine?

It looks a bit different at the moment but I am trying to keep as much normality as possible.  I am making sure that first thing in the morning, I am connecting with my friends and family to see how they are doing.  Chatting to them, makes me feel a lot better afterwards and set me up for a more positive day ahead.

Oh… and I am doing about a million face masks a day.  Not even kidding 😉

Favourite colour of Camminos?

I am a big fan of the Ladonna as I can wear them with anything. 

foldable ballet flats