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Tell us about your biz and the inspo behind it?
I'm a Brisbane based colourful Fine Artist & Illustrator who happily creates & paints in my light filled home studio. My work is colourful, detailed, quirky, fun and I like to explore subjects from still life through to the abstract. Last year I expanded on my brand and released a capsule Fashion & accessory collection based around my colour filled pattern designs.  Creating a small fashion range was a bucket list dream for me and I managed to pull that dream off!!  I am endlessly inspired by nature, in particular native flowers. Nature combines splendid shapes and colours with such diversity and brings fresh ideas and perspectives to my artworks.  Also, colour has always been an huge inspiration for me and a prominent visual component in my Art (even in the early days), due to its strong visual impact and its direct influence with my feelings and emotions.
What is coming up for your biz?
Besides my ongoing art and design licencing commissions,  I have many Lordy Dordie projects on the go at the moment! Whilst the Covid-19 crisis will slow my new release dates, I am enjoying the extra time in planning and designing all my new projects. I will be releasing some new clothing & accessories showcasing some of my brand new prints!

Biggest piece of advice for other women starting out in biz?
Always create room to learn & better your practice. If your workload is always too full, or if your schedule never has room to be a bit flexible, you can miss key opportunities to learn, expand on your practice and experience something new. It's a struggle at times, but you often have to just stop and make room!
What do you do to unwind/favourite hobby?
It is weird to say painting? It really does help me to unwind & lose myself if only for a little while. I also love to bake! I find baking super relaxing & love the look on hungry faces when they take that first bite and find out it DOES taste as good as it looks (sometimes!!).
What’s your self-care routine?
At the moment in #iso its....
Exercise - making myself do some form of exercise every day (whether it be a walk, YouTube exercise video, bounce on the tramp with the kids)
Sleep - Good nights sleep - I need about 8-9 hours!
Downtime - Love watching crime & drama series when the kids are in bed! Currently watching "The Capture"  on ABC iview
Crafting - love painting & crafting with my kids. We are currently painting & sewing tote bags!
Favourite colour of Camminos?
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