Tell us about your biz and the inspo behind it?
Sparro exists to ease the load with sleek, strong and seriously smart carry-alls to support busy women from the gym, to the boardroom and everything in between.  
The inspiration for Sparro came from my own experience juggling morning exercise with getting to the office on time. Over the years, I shared bathrooms with many other like-minded women and it was clear - every busy, fitness-focused working woman I knew carried her life, in multiple bags, every day. 
I launched Sparro in late 2017 with a vision to create a range of genuine, yet stylish carry-alls that consolidate the many bags we typically carry from workout to work.
What is coming up for Sparro? 
We’ve some new designs in development which is incredibly exciting.  
That said, right now, and like everyone, our sole focus is to ensure the healthy and safety of everyone involved with Sparro’s operation. It is a sad and challenging time. 
Biggest piece of advice for other women starting out in biz?
Just start. Honesty, it is amazing how much progress you can make once you do.  
Oh and get yourself a comfy desk chair! You will be spending a lot of time in it. 
What do you do to unwind/favourite hobby?
Running with my mates in the early morning, and having chats over cups of tea with my favourite people.
What’s your self-care routine? 
Too much unpredictability unsettles me. Thus routine, particularly around exercise and sleeping, and being surrounded by things that are familiar are important. When i travel, i always pack a stash of teabags and favourite mug.  
It provides me a solid base from which I can cope with the things that invariably happen that I have no control.
Favourite colour of Camminos?
 I’m a classic kind of girl - so Navy (with white) is my personal fave.